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teacher. The Lord ordered me to study Vedanta and reveal Krsna bhakti in the Vedanta Sutras. So I have come to Navadvipa to Your lotus feet. Whatever Your order is I will obey. By Your order, I will go to Puri and study Vedanta under Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya."

Upon hearing the sweet words of Jiva, Nityananda Prabhu embraced him and, unable to contain himself, began weeping.

"Listen, oh Jiva, to these confidential words. Rupa and Sanatana are understanding all the philosophy. The Lord told me to tell you that you should not go to Puri and stay. Everyone knows that you and your two uncles are pure servants of the Lord. The order the Lord gave to you is this; go to Varanasi and after studying Vedanta under one big scholar there, immediately go to Vrndavana, where you will get the mercy of Rupa and Sanatana. Under Rupa Gosvami's direction, worship their Lordships Radha and Krsna, and discuss thoroughly scriptures such as Vedanta. You should preach that Srimad Bhagavatam is the topmost scripture and the natural commentary on the Vedanta Sutras. Previously, Lord Caitanya gave mercy to Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya and explained the Vedanta according to the Bhagavat tradition. Sarvabhauma then taught this carefully to Madhusudana in Puri. On the order of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Madhusudhana Vacaspati now resides in Varanasi. Go there and meet him."

"On the exterior he acts like a traditional Vedantist, and many followers of Sankaracarya study under him. However, bit by bit, he has given them mercy, and through the sutras of the Vedanta he is teaching them the precepts of Gauranga."

"The Lord has said that there is no necessity of all the different commentaries on the Vedanta Sutras. For it states in the Bhagavat itself that it is the commentary. When there will be the necessity of another commentary, the Sri Govinda Bhasya will be revealed. Along with Sarvabhauma, Gopinatha Acarya heard the Lord's commentary. After some time, by the wish of Sri Caitanya he will take birth as Baladeva Vidyabhusana and conquer Jaipur with his philosophical commentary. In Jaipur he will serve Gauranga by writing the commentary inspired by Sri Govinda, and thus free all the living entities from material bondage. Your brothers will tell you all the confidential topics."

Upon hearing all these words of Nityananda Prabhu, Sri Jiva began weeping. Losing consciousness, he fell to the ground. Giving his mercy, Nityananda put His two lotus feet upon Jiva's head, thereby transmitting to him spiritual power.

Jiva began dancing among the crowd of Vaisnavas in an uncontrolled way yelling out, "Jaya Sri Gauranga! Jaya Nityananda Raya!"

Srivasa and all the great devotees present, on witnessing this display of Nityananda's mercy, began shouting, "Sri Gauranga, Nityananda!" in unison and began dancing also. The place resounded with great spiritual vibration.

After some time, Jiva controlled his dancing and sat down with Nityananda. Jiva Gosvami stayed at Srivasa's place, but in the evening he again came to see Nityananda Prabhu.

Nityananda was sitting alone, singing the glories of His Lord Gauranga. Jiva came forward and fell at Nityananda's lotus feet.

Nityananda was very particular to make Jiva sit very close to Him. Jiva, however, became very aware of his own miserable condition.

Folding his hands he said, "Lord be merciful to me and describe the essential truths about Navadvipa Dhama."

Nityananda said, "Oh Jiva, I will tell you, but you should keep these deep topics within your heart. Do not broadcast them here and there. When the lila of our Lord is finished, then they will be propagated."

"This Navadvipa is the best of dhamas. Crossing over the Viraja and the Brahman effulgence, after the Vaikuntha planets one comes to Svetadvipa, Sri Goloka. Penetrating further, one comes to Gokula, Vrndavana, or Krsnaloka."

"That Krsnaloka exists in two states of emotion. Rasa expands there in the form of madhurya and audarya, conjugal love and munificent love. Audarya exists in the madhurya in fullness, and madhurya exists in audarya in fullness. However, that place where madhurya is the chief state is called Vrndavana, blessed with all auspiciousness. That place where audarya is eternally predominating is called Navadvipa. This is the conclusion of the Vedas. There is no difference between the two. Only the different manifestation of the one rasa makes them distinct."

"The whole Dhama is the highest degree of perfection, fully conscious in substance and unlimited in area. Those whose intelligence is tinged with dull matter cannot approach there. But under the influence of the hladini sakti, the energy governing ananda or spiritual bliss, the living entities come to give up material paths, and by the strength of the highest spiritual knowledge they take to their actual function as Krsna's servants, The whole of Navadvipa is a manifestation with full spiritual consciousness. At this holy place, at this pitha, Sri Caitanya performed His transcendental activities."

"With material eyes, people see a form made of the material elements, for the Lord's energy of illusion covers up that eternal Dhama. But actually in Navadvipa, maya does not extend with material time and place, nor is the living entity there subject to material troubles. However, gradually, being bound by his sinful activities, then fully under the control of illusion, the living entity perceives merely a material place at the place of the Dhama."

"Thus I have related the true science of Navadvipa Dhama. Oh, Jiva Gosvami, please consider all this with a pure heart."

Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur, whose hope is to attain the lotus feet of Nitai and Jahnava eternally, reveals these confidential topics.

Chapter Five

Sri Mayapura and Antardvipa.

All glories to Sri Caitanya, the son of Saci, All glories to Nityananda, the life of Jahnava, All glories to the topmost Dhama, Navadvipa, Where Gauranga descended as the avatara of Kali yuga.

Nityananda Prabhu began speaking. "Listen to My words. Navadvipa extends over sixteen krosas. Within the sixteen krosas of Navadvipa, non-different from Vrndavana, there are nine islands, which form an eight petalled lotus floating on the water. In the middle of the eight islands, which are the petals, lies Antardvipa, and within Antardvipa lies the very central point, Mayapura. Within the area of Mayapura the eternal pastimes of Lord Caitanya took place. The circumference measures three thousand dhanu (3.5 miles). Because the Panca Tattva are seated at the Yoga Pitha, it is the most glorious of all places."

"However, very soon, by the desire of the Lord, this will almost be all hidden under the waters of the Ganga. Then later, by the desire of the Lord, the Dhama will again be revealed, shining effulgently. The eternal Dhama is never really lost, but temporarily becomes covered. Then again it appears to our eyes."

"My worshipable Lord resides eternally at Mayapura, situated on the east bank of the Ganga. In the eyes of the common people, the Lord took sannyasa, gave up Navadvipa and went to other places, but actually My Gauranga never gives up Mayapura or Navadvipa to go elsewhere. The devotees can perceive His daily lila. Jiva Gosvami, you will also see Gauranga dancing."

"Around Mayapura is beautiful Antardvipa, where Brahma received the darshan of Gauranga. Oh Jiva, if you want to see all this, please go on parikrama. It will be very beneficial for you."

Hearing the Lord's words, Jiva with tears in his eyes, fell flat like a stick at Nityananda's feet.

"You will show real mercy to this unworthy wretch if you can bring yourself on parikrama with me."

Hearing Jiva's request, Nityananda Raya simply said, "So let it be." By that He revealed His mind.

Nityananda said, "Jiva, today take darshan of Mayapura. Tomorrow we will tour more extensively." Saying this, Nityananda Prabhu got up, and Jiva with a glad heart followed him. Slowly Nityananda moved forward, His body, under the influence of Gaura Prema, became agitated with ecstatic love in the extreme. The enchanting figure of Nityananda, His body covered with ornaments of gold, overcome by waves of spiritual emotion, glittered and shone. The very feet that Brahma and Siva cannot attain by their meditation, were served out to Jiva Gosvami simply by the mercy of Sri Nityananda. Thus Jiva followed behind the Lord, taking the dust from the Lord's feet and smearing it over his body. Off he went in great happiness.

They entered into Jagannatha Misra's house and Nityananda introduced Jiva at the feet of Mother Saci.

"Oh Mother, here is Sri Jiva, a great gentleman, a fortunate and dear servant of Sri Caitanya."

When He said this, Jiva fell over, like a tree uprooted by a storm. Falling at Saci's feet, with his throat choked up, his body out of control, he exhibited symptoms of ecstasy.

Saci blessed him, and on that very day, in that very house, they took prasad.

Receiving the order from Saci, Visnupriya Devi cooked various dishes of rice, vegetable, chutney, and sweets. Vamsivadana Dasa offered the bhoga attentively to Gauranga and Isan Thakur, who was staying there since Lord Caitanya's departure, served Nityananda the prasad, while he himself greatly delighted within. In motherly affection, Saci said, "My child Nityananda, eat at your mother's house! I have made Gauranga eat of this, unseen to you, so when you eat, my mind becomes very happy."

Hearing the words of his mother, Nityananda Raya ate in great bliss. Jiva took the remnants.

Jiva said, "I am greatly blessed to take prasad in the house of Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Mayapura."

Having eaten, Nityananda took leave of Saci's lotus feet. At this time they took Vamsivadana Dasa into their group. Jiva paid his respects at Vamsi's feet, Nityananda then explained to Jiva, "The devotees know that this Vamsivadana is none other than Krsna's dear flute, by whose mercy the living entities become attracted to Krsna. Then having great thirst, they attain to maha-rasa."

"Look Jiva, Sri Caitanya brought us into this very house and performed many pastimes. See, here is Jagannatha Misra's temple, where he used to do his daily worship of Visnu. And in this house, he used to serve his guests. See this tulsi bower. While Gauracandra was still here, He used to observe all the duties that his father used to perform. Relying on the authoritative words of Vamsivadana, Isan now performs those duties every day. Here, there was a nimba tree, which by Caitanya's touch disappeared."

As he described this, Nityananda wept, and in response Vamsivadana also cried.

Srivas came there to see what was happening, and the four of them then took leave of Jagannatha Misra's house and proceeded to Srivasa's courtyard, 200 meters to the north. Nityananda Prabhu, with joyful mind, showed this to Jiva. There Jiva became choked up, remembering the Lord's lila. Just as Jiva was recovering, he saw one pastime. He saw the Lord dancing among His intimate associates. Advaita and Nityananda, Gadadhara and Hari Dasa, were singing and dancing. Suklambara and hundreds of others were as well dancing. Seeing this, Jiva became unconscious, filled with prema.

Recovering his consciousness, he could no longer see the pastime, and began to lament over and over.

"Why couldn't I have taken birth a little earlier. Such bliss of kirtana has not been mine! As Nityananda's mercy is unlimited, by His grace I have been fortunate for a moment's time. My wish is to stay here a long time so that the troubles of material existence will go far away. But the order of the Lord is stronger than the servant's wish! My heart is beating wildly at this thought of giving up Mayapura!"

Nityananda next took Jiva to Advaita's house, 20 meters to the north. "Jiva, see the house of Sita Natha, where the Vaisnavas used to meet to discuss Krsna. Here Advaita Acarya worshipped Krsna, and calling loudly, brought this treasure, my Lord Gauranga."

From there the four men went to the house of Gadadhara, just 10 meters to the east. From that place Nityananda showed Jiva the various houses of Caitanya's associates. After seeing the houses of the brahmana community, the four proceeded to the bank of the Ganga in a happy mood. There, at the border of Mayapura, Jiva saw the Vrddha Siva Temple.

Nityananda Prabhu said, "He is the guardian of Mayapura. This is where the Praudha Maya energy (yoga maya, in charge of spiritual perception) is eternally situated. When our Lord will disappear, then, by the Lord's desire, the Ganga will swell. Ganga Devi will almost cover up Mayapura with water, keep it in that condition for a hundred years, and then again remove the water. Only the place, and no houses shall remain. Thus it shall remain for some time. Then, later, once more, by the Lord's wish, people will live in Mayapura as before. All these ghats on the bank of the Ganga will again become manifest, and the devotees will build temples of the Lord. And one exceedingly wonderful temple will appear, from which the eternal service to Gauranga will be preached everywhere. Praudha Maya will again come and by the Lord's wish will perform her duties of revealing the spiritual dhama."

Jiva Gosvami, hearing this, folded his hands and taking hold of Nityananda's lotus feet, asked a question.

"Oh Lord, you are the root cause of existence. The Dhama, the form of the Lord and the Holy Name take their existence in You. Even though you are working according to the wish of the Lord, still all the living entities resort to You as guru, since all energies are resting upon You. Of course, whoever makes some distinction between yourself and Gauranga is considered by the wise to be a rascal. Omniscient Supreme Lord, who has descended for the purpose of displaying pastimes, one question has come into my heart. When Ganga will hide Mayapura, please tell me where Siva and his energy consort will go?"

Nityananda said, "Listen to my words, Jiva. Please look at that land on the west side of the Ganga. That high sandy shoal is called Paradanga. There lives a community of brahmanas. North of that, on the bank of the Ganga is Chinna Denga. A village will be situated there in the future. Siva and his energy will stay there for some time. Who can properly describe the glories of that bank? There, in the Ganga, is the location of the rasa dance. Only a sandy place of land is visible to the naked eye, but at that place is an eternal dhama of transcendental gems, where transcendental pastimes take place. Mayapura is considered Mahavana of Gokula, and Paradanga is Sat Tika, the rasa mandala of Vrndavana. Later, this place will be greatly glorified."

"There is Mayapura and the shore and in the middle is the Ganga. You should understand that all of this is the Dhama of Gauranga. When you walk the five krosas of the Dhama you will see Mayapura and the sacred shores of the Ganga. Whoever walks over the five krosas with the devotees on the Phalgun Purnima day receives the eternal treasure of love of God.

"Oh Jiva, hear a confidential topic. There is a very beautiful murti of Gauranga belonging to Visnupriya, which in the future shall come to Sat Tika, where there are brahmanas descending from the family to Jagannatha Misra. Four hundred years after Lord Gauranga's appearance in this world, the worship of the murti shall be restored to the highest standard. But do not reveal any of this. Just do parikrama, feeling internal joy."

"Six meters from Vrddha Siva Ghat, see Gauranga's own ghat. There Gaurahari in his childhood played in the water and pulled many pranks. Seeing the fortune of the Yamuna in getting Krsna's pastimes, the Ganga did penance to become an associate in the Lord's lila. Krsna bestowed His mercy, and appearing before Ganga Devi, said, "In the form of Gauranga I will perform pastimes with you." Those pastimes were performed by Gauranga at this ghat."

On seeing the place, Jiva became very happy. "One hundred meters north is Madhu's Ghat, known as such by all, and 10 meters north of that is a beautiful ghat which is attractive to all the townspeople. This exceedingly beautiful ghat is called Barakona Ghat. It was constructed on Krsna's order by Visvakarma. At this ghat you will see five Siva temples with five linga.

These four ghats make Mayapur very beautiful. Moreover, whoever takes bath there is relieved of all miseries. East of Mayapura the land is known as Antardvipa. By the Lord's desire this place will remain uninhabited for a long time. Then again later people will begin to live there and it will be famous as one of the glories of Nadiya. Jiva, today stay in Mayapur and tomorrow we will go to Simantadvipa."

Hearing this, Jiva Gosvami then spoke. "One question comes to mind. Please listen. When Ganga Devi again uncovers Mayapura, and by what signs will the devotees be able to rediscover the lost place?"

Hearing this, Nityananda Prabhu answered, relishing nectar. "Listen Jiva, though Ganga will cover most of the place, one corner of Mayapura will remain intact. There many yavanas will take up residence, though the name of Mayapura will remain. About five hundred dhanu to the southwest (1000 meters) one will be able to see a slightly raised area covered with vegetation. This place will indicate Jagannatha Misra's house. 33 feet from there is Vrddha Siva temple. From such measurement one will be able to discern everything. A pool called Siva Doba will be seen. That pool used to be the previous bank of the Ganga. The devotees in this way, by the Lord's wish, will reveal the lost places. Know this for certain. At the end of four hundred years, the task of recovering the lost tirthas will begin."

Sri Jiva said, "Oh Lord, what is the reason for the name Antardvipa?"

Nityananda Prabhu answered, "At the end of Dvapara yuga, Brahma, with the hope of getting the mercy of Gauranga, undertook austerities at this place. By stealing the cowherd boys and cows and using his power of illusion he tried playing a trick on Govinda, but after he was defeated by his own tricks, he became very miserable at his offense. He entreated Krsna with many prayers of glorification. Krsna forgave his offense, but then Brahma began to consider; "This thinking that I am the creator of the universe is useless. Simply because of this fault I have been deprived of Krsna prema and enjoyment of the rasas of Vrndavan. If I could have taken birth as a cowherd, I could have easily served the master of the gopis. But I have not been able to achieve that nectar of those pastimes. During Gauranga's lila I will not fall prey to my wicked mind!'"

"He began meditating and doing austerities in Antardvipa for a long time. Being merciful, one time Gauracandra came and said, `Oh Brahma I am satisfied with your austerities. I have come to give you what you desire.'"

"Upon opening his eyes Brahma saw Gauranga. He fell to the earth unconscious. When the Lord put His foot on Brahma's head, Brahma began to sing the Lord's glories. `I am a low and worthless wretch, controlled by pride. Forgetting Your lotus feet, I have turned to this material sense gratification. I, Siva, Indra, and all the demigods, are Your subjugated servants. This is written in scripture. But we are not so fortunate as Your pure servants, and thus Maya covers us with the net of illusion. The first 100 trillion years of my life have passed and I have been forced to this realization at last. How will I spend the second 100 trillion years of my life? If I remain in illusion, I will simply suffer. My only prayer is that I become an associate in Your pastimes on earth. Having given up my illusion that I am the creator I want to take birth in Your association and sing Your glories.'"

"Hearing Brahma's prayers, Gaura said, `So be it,` and gave his gift. `When my pastimes become visible on earth, you will take birth in a yavana house. You will be famous for your humility. Completely freed from all pride, as Hari Dasa Thakur, you will chant three hundred thousand names a day (3x64 rounds). When you pass from this world you will be seeing Me. And at the end of your second 100 trillion years of your life, you will attain Navadvipa Dhama, absorbed in eternal rasa. Brahma, hear these secret (antar) words, for this is not clear in the scripture for all to see. Taking the position of a devotee I will taste the nectar of Bhakti rasa and I will reveal the topmost rare sankirtan movement. I will make all the devotees of all the previous avataras drunk with the nectar of Vrndavana. The love that Radha possesses is beyond My experience, so I will appear with her sentiments and complexion. Taking the position of Radha, I will taste that happiness that only Radha obtains in serving Me. From today act as My disciple, and in the form of Haridas serve Me eternally.'"

"Saying this, Gauranga became invisible. Brahma fell on the ground unconscious."

"`Oh Gauranga! Friend of the poor, dear to the devotees, when will I receive Your lotus feet?' he cried. In this way he wept for many days. Then he returned to Brahmaloka to finish up his business."

Here Nityananda Prabhu concluded his explanation.

Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur, low, worthless, useless, whose only hope is to attain the lotus feet of Nitai and Jahnava, sings this glorification of Nadiya.

Chapter Six

Ganga Nagar, Prthu kunda, Simantadvipa, Kazi Nagar, Sankhavanik, Saradanga, Visrama sthana, Sasthi Tirtha, Mayamari.

All glories to Sri Caitanya, the son of Saci, All glories to Nityananda, the life of Jahnava, All glories to the husband of Sita, and to Gadadhara, All glories to Srivasa and to all the devotees of the Lord.

Early the next morning, Nityananda went out with Srivasa and Jiva Gosvami. Joining with Rama Dasa and other devotees, they continued on, performing sankirtan all the while. When they came to the very edge of Antardvipa, Nityananda pointed out Ganga Nagar to Jiva Gosvami.

"Listen, oh Jiva, this Ganga Nagar was founded by Bhagiratha of the Raghu family. When the Ganga came down, King Bhagiratha led the way, blowing a conch shell. However, when the Ganga arrived at Navadvipa Dhama, she stopped and would not proceed. Bhagiratha saw this and became fearful. Retracing his steps, he came towards the Ganga. At this place, Ganga Nagar, he began to perform austerities. Satisfied with this, Ganga Devi personally appeared before him.

"Bhagiratha said, `Mother Ganga, if you do not proceed on, my forefathers will never be delivered.'"

"Ganga Devi said, `Listen dear hero Bhagiratha. Just stay here a few days. Magha month will now come to Navadvipa. At the end of Phalgun month I will go to fulfill the desires of your forefathers. Oh Bhagiratha, I am but the water coming from the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord. At this place His own Dhama, I would like to have my desires fulfilled. On the Phalgun full moon, the birthday of the Lord, my vow will be completed. Then certainly I will go with you. Do not fear.'"

"At this place, Ganga Nagar, the leader of the Raghu family lived until the Phalgun full moon. Therefore, that person who on the Phalgun full moon day takes bath in the Ganga, fasts and worships Gauranga, crosses over the material ocean along with his ancestors. Along with one thousand ancestors, he attains to Goloka after death."

"The place is even more glorious because Sri Caitanya also danced here many times. Also see here the houses of Ganga Dasa and Sanjaya Dasa, very pleasing to see.

"Now hear the glories of the pond to the east. It is now known as Ballal Dirghika. It has been described several times in Satya yuga. When Prthu Maharaj, in cutting down the high places and making the earth level, was working on this area, a great effulgence came forth. The workers told this to Prthu Maharaj. The king came to see the phenomenon, but actually, because he was an empowered avatar, he knew that this place was Navadvipa. Keeping the glory of the place secret at that time, he ordered that a pond be established there. It became known as Prthu Kunda throughout Navadvipa Dhama. The villagers, on drinking the pure water, felt indescribable bliss. Later King Laksmana Sen dug out this pool making it bigger and deeper. Desiring to deliver his forefathers, he named it Ballal Dirghika (after his father Ballal Sen)."

"On that beautiful hill, over there stood Laksmana Sen's house, which was destroyed with the passing of time. Various kings, in order to gain punya, contributed the decorative work at the holy place. Because later the Yavana kings desecrated the place, the devotees no longer worship there. The earth itself is very pure there, but for fear of contamination of the Yavanas, no one lives there. Because great offense was made to the murti of the Lord, the devotees gave up the place."

Saying this, Nityananda Prabhu, roaring loudly, went on to Simuliya nearby. He explained the place.

"Know this to be Simantadvipa. The edge of Navadvipa on the south bank of the Ganga is known as Simantadvipa by the saints. In time the Ganga will devour all but one small portion, called Simuliya, where the materially minded people will worship Parvati. Listen to the story."

"One time in Satya yuga, Siva, shouting the name of Gauranga, began madly

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