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Navadvipa Bhava Taranga
(Waves of Ecstatic Moods in Navadvipa-dhama)

1 Which is the crest-jewel of all holy abodes, which is the sporting-ground of the sandhini potency, which measures sixteen krosa in circumference, which is manifest in nine islands, where the cit and ananda potencies reside, and which is the sanctuary of all holy places, demigods, sages and scriptures - May the Dhama of Sri Navadvipa become visible to my eyes.

2 May my eyes behold the sixteen krosa of Vrindavan [within the circle of Mathura-mandala] as identical to Navadvipa [within the circle of Gauda-mandala]. These Dhamas are but two manifestations of one principle that is infinitely beginningless and purely spiritual, and which, only for reasons of differing pastimes of the Lord, has taken the form of two immaculate abodes.

3 By His inconceivable potency [acintya sakti] which is infinite and spiritual, the Lord has brought these two Dhamas into the material world in order to liberate the living entities dwelling there. By the power of the mercy of this Sri Krsna, may the souls bound in matter someday see these abodes of Vrindavan and Navadvipa.

4 Only by acquiring proper qualifications can all the senses of the living entities taste the spiritually variegated nectar of these holy Dhamas. Since unqualified material senses are incapable of tasting this sweet nectar, those so unfortunately endowed scornfully deride these places again and again as being insignificant locations made only of dull matter.

5 The basis of qualification is the mercy of Krsna Himself and the mercy of His devotees. Out of compassion for the living entities, the sadhus bestow this transcendental qualification unto other devotees by their own association. One cannot attain this by following the paths of jnana [transcendental knowledge], karma [fruitive activities] or yoga [mystic exercises]. Only by means of sraddha (devotional faith), while strictly keeping the association of the saintly devotees of the Lord, can one be victorious over matter.

6 The very moment that the living entity gives up the entangling network of material illusions related to the senses, the eyes of the soul will behold the splendour of the spiritual Dhama. Aha! O, when will I attain that state? When will I see Sri Navadvipa Dhama, so far beyond the mirage of mundane existence?

7 Resembling an eight petalled lotus in shape, this abode is immaculately pure. It is so cooling that it defeats the illumination of millions of moons. It is so brilliant that it defeats the effulgence of millions of suns. Sometimes that Dhama will appear before my eyes.

8 In the centre of eight islands that are like the eight petals of a lotus flower is the ninth and best island called Antardvipa, which is exceedingly beautiful. In the middle of that island rests the Yoga-pitha, or main meeting-place of the Lord and His associates, known as Mayapur. Upon seeing this place, I shall experience profuse bliss.

9 The scriptures sing of a transcendental place called Brahmapura. In that realm, Mayapur shines before one's eyes freed from illusion. Identical with Sri Gokula in the forest of Mahavan of Braja, and vastly superior to all other places in creation, that place is where the Son of Mother Saci performs His eternal pastimes.

10 The abode of the gopas and gopis in Braja named Sri Gokula is the same as the abode of the brahmana families in Navadvipa Dhama. In the centre of supremely purifying Mayapur is the radiant home of Jagannatha Misra. This is the eternal residence of the Lord.

11 One whose eyes are covered by material illusion sees only a small house situated here, plus some ordinary earth, water and a few articles. But if maya becomes merciful and lifts her covering, then one sees a grand spiritual dwelling.

12 Here Sri Gauranga is served by His eternal mother and father as well as by male and female servants, who are all incessantly maddened with ecstatic love. Here both His wives, Laksmipriya and Visnupriya, eternally serve the Lord's lotus feet. He manifests in a wondrous form complete in the five features of Panca-tattva.

13 The residences of Sri Nityananda Prabhu, Sri Advaita, Gadadhara and Srivasa are shining here and there in different places throughout Mayapur. Indeed, the homes of innumerable devotees are glowing in all four directions. May such a Mayapur be merciful unto me.

14 To the south-west, the combined Ganga and Yamuna rivers praise their own good fortune as they flow in the form of a serpent for rendering service to Lord Gora, the jewel of the twice-born brahmanas. Upon her banks are many different landing-steps for bathing (ghats) and also numerous temples, including the deities of Praudha-maya and Vriddha-Siva, as well as many groves and gardens.

15 In Mayapur there are countless homes of the brahmanas, plus wide avenues, courtyards, forests and temples of Lord Siva. Flowing in the south-east are the incessant currents of the Sarasvati river. Upon her bank is the sacred area known as Isodyana, the Lord's Garden.

16 Why should the fallen rascals of Kali-yuga, bound up tightly by material illusion, have the privilege of seeing all these eternal, fully spiritual, limitless treasures of the divine realm? Maya has therefore hidden the Dhama by means of the erosive, ever-changing nature of the three rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati. Thus the eyes of the materialist can see only a shadow of the real Mayapur.

17 By the mercy of Sri Nityananda, the holder of all spiritual powers, may that Mayapur be revealed unto my eyes imbued with proper reverence. May I, this worthless fool, become truly fortunate to behold a vision of the household pastimes of Sri Gauranga that eternally take place in this land.

18 In the centre of the island called Antardvipa is the village of Mayapur, situated as the central whorl of the eight-petalled lotus. That transcendental abode glows with a fair yellow aura, it is resplendent with networks of effulgences, and is supremely pure. May this place always shimmer before my eyes.

19 Here and there are wooded groves, amongst which the lake called Prithu-sarovara, and many pastures for grazing the cows. O how beautiful these places are to behold! There are many water canals, partitioned grain fields, and wide main roads lined with bakula, kadamba, and many other types of large trees.

20 To the west of here, on the bank of the river Ganga, stands the town celebrated by the name of Ganga-nagara. There is the house of Gangadasa, where my Lord Gauranga took His young brahmana friends and carried out their studies.

21 There also, one can see the lovely hill known as Bharadvaja Tila, where the great sage Bharadvaja worshipped Lord Gaura. The sage ultimately attained ecstatic love for Lord Caitanya and then wrote scriptural verses that bestowed the gift of devotional service unto many materialistic people.

22 North of Prithu Kunda is the town of Mathura and the holy place known as Sasthi Tirtha, which is within the exquisitely beautiful forest of Madhuvan [in Braja]. This is a very extensive area populated by many people. May my eyes become purified by viewing this scene.

23 Further north is the enchanting place known as Saradenga. Here the leader of the Sabara race, out of fear of the demon name Raktabahu, secretly resides along with a deity of the Lord of Niladri [Jagannatha]. May I always behold this place with my very eyes.

24 North west of Mathura, I shall see the splendor of the island of Simantadvipa, whose border is the bank of the river Ganga. There, the goddess Parvati Devi was distressed and gained relief by placing the dust from the lotus feet of Lord Gaura upon the part of her hair [simanta].

25 In the distance I will see the forest of Bilva trees [Bilvavan of Braja] where the four Kumara brothers remain in meditation on Lord Gaura. And further in the distance I will see the land known as Sankarsana Ksetra where Nityananda Prabhu performs His pastimes. This area is manifest to the learned devotees.

26 In the southern portion of Mayapur, on the bank of the river Ganga and very near its junction with the river Sarasvati, is the extensive grove called Isodyana [the Lord's Garden]. May that Garden be the place of my eternal devotions.

27 In this Garden, my Lord Sri Sacinandana performs the midday pastimes along with His devotees. Seeing the brilliance of this grove, I shall be reminded of Radha Kunda in Braja. May all these areas be eternally visible to my eyes.

28 Huge trees and dark vines appear very dense. Among the foliage are various types of birds singing the transcendental glories of Lord Gaura. There is a large lake and an extremely opulent temple glowing with pure gold inlaid with diamonds as well as blue and yellow sapphires.

29 The materialists, with their eyes bewildered by the illusions of material sense perception, and who are envious of the Lord, can never see these groves. Rather, they see only a small piece of land covered with thorns, periodically thrown into utter disruption by the forceful flooding of the river.

30 In the centre of Madhuvan is the place called Visrama Sthala. There is the cottage of the Lord's devotee named Sridhara and also a clear pond. After rectifying the Kazi, the Lord of the three worlds came here with His followers and rested.

31 When will I shout "Ha Gauranga!" at this Visrama Sthala? I will roll upon the ground and cry in solitude. Overwhelmed with the emotions of ecstatic love, will I ever see the beautiful Sri Gauranga-sundara drinking water from Sridhara's iron pot.

32 And when, by the power of great fortune, will my eyes behold the young Son of Saci in the midst of a rousing kirtana along with Nityananda, Advaita, Gadadhara and Srivasa, dancing and begging for ecstatic love at the house of Sridhara?

33 Looking east from there I shall see Sivarna Bihara, the site of King Suvarna Sena's incomparably majestic palace. This is where the moonlike Lord Sri Gauracandra dances along with His associates in an enchanting golden form.

34 When will I wander throughout Suvarna Bihar alone or in the company of other devotees, weeping and sobbing piteously with a choked voice? At the lotus feet of Gauranga I will beg for a speck of service to the Divine Couple, and then offer my very life unto the shelter of Sri Radha's lotus feet.

35 South east of there is Nrsimha Puri. When will I see the pure transcendental sweetness of this place, also called Deva-palli? I will roll about on the ground in ecstatic love while visiting this residence of Lord Nrsimha. Sincerely begging for His grace without a trace of duplicity in my heart, I will attain krsna-prema.

36 Within my sinful heart the six enemies headed by lust perpetually reside, as well as duplicity, the desire for fame, plus sheer cunning. At the lotus feet of Lord Nrsimha, I hope that He will mercifully purify my heart and give me the desire to serve Lord Krsna.

37 Weeping, I will beg at the lotus feet of Lord Nrsimha for the benediction of worshipping Radha and Krsna in Navadvipa, perfectly safe and free from all difficulties. When will this Lord Hari, whose terrible form strikes fear into fear itself, ever become pleased and show Me His mercy?

38 Even though Lord Nrsimha is terrifying toward the sinful souls He offers great auspiciousness unto the devotees of Lord Krsna headed by Prahlada Maharaja. When will He be pleased to speak words of compassion unto me, a worthless fool, and thereby make me fearless?

39 He will say: "Dear child! Sit down freely and live happily here in Sri Gauranga Dhama. May you nicely worship the Divine Couple and may you develop loving attachment for Their holy names. By the mercy of My devotees, all obstacles are cast far away. With a purified heart, just perform the worship of Radha and Krsna, for such worship overflows with sweet nectar."

40 Saying this, will that Lord delightedly place His own divine lotus feet upon my head? Suddenly I will experience sublime love for the Divine Couple Radha-Krsna and undergo the ecstatic transformations called sattvika. Falling on the ground, I will roll about by the door of Sri Nrsimha's temple.

41 To the west of this flows the Gandaka River, which is past the Alakananda River and Kasi Ksetra. I shall then see Godruma Ksetra, corresponding to the place in Braja where King Indra's surabhi cow worshipped Lord Krsna.

42 Within the entire three worlds there is no place comparable to Godruma. It is the forest in which the great sage Markandeya received the mercy of Lord Gaura. Just as Isodyana and Radha Kunda lie close to the bank of the River Ganga, similarly Godruma lies just as close to the bank of the River Sarasvati.

43 O my dear mind! Just worship, just worship the forest of Godruma! By this you will very soon behold the transcendental treasure of Lord Gaura's pastimes. Seeing the vision of these pastimes, you will easily attain the eternally sportive play of Radha and Krsna. Only this will fulfil all your desires.

44 Godruma corresponds to the city of Nanda Maharaja in Braja known as Sri Nandisvara, which is the residence of the cowherd folk. Here Sri Gauranga performs various pastimes. After having a snack of milk products at a cowherd's house in the forenoon period, Nimai goes in the company of His gopa friends and tends the cows in the pasturelands.

45 The cowherd boys would say, "O brother, you are a gopala! Dressing like a brahmana boy does not suit you at all! Come on, I'll carry you on my shoulders and we'll go herd the cows. Let's head toward your mother's house in Mayapur.

46 One gopa would show great affection and give Him curds mixed with condensed milk, and another gopa would become agitated with love just by seeing the wonderfully beautiful form of the Lord. Yet another gopa would place fruits and flowers in His hand saying, "O brother! Please come to my house every day!"

47 "You are the worshipable deity for the brahmanas, but You are also the very purpose of life for us, gopas. We cannot possibly forsake you - you are the only object of our meditation and consciousness. Just see the cows! On sighting you, they begin mooing and give up eating grass, even forgetting about their own calves!"

48 "Since it is now getting late, you should go home to your father's house and tomorrow we'll meet again at this place. I'll save some yoghurt, curds and condensed milk for you - but if you come late, I'll be very upset!"

49 In this way, Sri Gaura and Nitai play with the cowherd boys from day to day in the divine Godruma forest. If there is enough time, Gaura Bhagavan again bathes in the River Ganga before proceeding home to Sri Saci.

50 Will such a day ever be mine? When will see the pure love-laden Godruma pastimes performed by the Lord in the mood of a cowherd boy playing with His cowherd friends? With a mind fixed in the longing to serve the Lord, I will reside at my house in Godruma.

51 South of Godruma lies the enchanting island of Madhyadvipa. It is very beautiful to behold, being filled with a radiant series of wonderful forests. There, during the midday period of His eternal pastimes, Prabhu takes His devotees along and comes to visit the seven rsis.

52 There on the bank of the river Gomati is Naimisa forest, where the assembly of rsis are listening to recitations of the Gaura-bhagavata. In order to hear these narratives about Lord Gaura, Siva and the other demigods quickly mount Brahma's swan-carrier and make haste to come.

53 When will I wander and wander throughout that forest and behold the wonderful vision of this assembly of sages hearing the Gaura Purana by the bank of the Gomati river? On the day of Ekadasi during the most auspicious month of Kartika, I will listen to those stories of Caitanya-katha.

54 When will the audience of rishis headed by Saunaka show their mercy by grasping both my hands and putting the dust of their feet upon my head? I will exclaim, "O residents of Navadvipa, let us attentively drink the nectar of Sri Gauranga-katha in this forest!"

55 South of there lies Brahmana Puskara. This area is the same as the holy place named Sri Puskara Tirtha, and it was visited by the best of the brahmanas named Diva Dasa. Worshipping the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga at that place, Vipra Diva Dasa was consoled upon beholding a vision of the Lord's beautiful golden form.

56 Further south is Uccha Hatta, non-different from Kuruksetra of Brahmavarta, which is s place of pilgrimage for the three worlds. Here all the demigods reside, continuously performing gaura-sankirtana. Sometimes the present day residents of this area can hear that music.

57 During the midday period of His eternal pastimes, Lord Sri Gauranga and His associates stroll throughout all these forests, overcome with madness of divine love. While the devotees give hints of Krsna's confidential pastimes, Gauranga sings and dances and tastes the sweet ecstatic emotions of Sri Radha.

58 When will I, alone or in the company of devotees, float in the waves billowing on the ocean of love for Lord Caitanya? Behaving with utmost humility, I will wander around in the various forests of Madhyadvipa during the midday period and contemplate the ecstatic emotional states felt by the Lord in those same places.

59 When will the devotees who are residents of Madhyadvipa be merciful and show me - "O look! Here is our Lord, Gauranga, Sri Hari! On the bank of Brahma Kunda within the town of Brahma Nagar He is dancing and chanting with His associates in a grand kirtana."

60 When will I see that astounding form of Gaura with beautiful complexion like pure gold, wearing a garland of forest flowers, with two long arms, and booming in a loud voice: "O brothers! All of you please chant the holy name in unison!"

61 At that moment, all the devotees headed by Srivasa will shout "Hari! Hari!" and begin performing sankirtana. Someone will exclaim, "Chant the name of Gaurahari, dear brother! Without Gaura we cannot attain the service of Radha and Krsna!"

62 Near Uccha Hatta is the place known as Panca Veni ["five streams"]. It is considered a holy pilgrimage spot by the demigods, who come here on vacation. At this place the three streams of the River Ganga (Bhagarathi, Bhogavati and Alakananda) plus the Yamuna and Sarasvati rivers all join together, desiring to perform service to Lord Gaura.

63 Here Gaurahari and His associates take bath, thereby purifying the tirtha from all the sins left by the people of Kali-yuga. Vedavyasa and the assembly of rsis recognise that in all these fourteen worlds there is no other place that can compare with Panca Veni.

64 When will I bathe in the waters of the Panca Veni and thereby remember the lotus feet of Sri Gauranga? Filling the palms of my hands with the very water that has washed the feet of Gaura and drinking my fill, becoming madly intoxicated by topics about Lord Gaura - when will I be so blessed?

65 Across the Ganga River from Panca Veni is the enchanting island called Koladvipa, where the Lord appeared to His devotee Murari Gupta in the forms of a Boar. All the scriptures call this place Varaha Ksetra. Rarely attained even by the demigods, this is a purely spiritual realm pervaded with transcendental bliss.

66 Famous throughout the entire universe is the town of Kuliya Pahar, by all means the topmost place of Sri Gauranga's pastimes. When Sri Krsna Caitanya attempted a journey to Vrindavan immediately after taking sannyasa, He was tricked [by Nityananda Prabhu] and instead came to this town in the district of Nadiya.

67 At this place is the school of Vidya Vacaspati, the popular son of Visrada. Who did not know him? Being the unalloyed servant of the Lord by the power of his pure devotion he attracted his own Prabhu once while taking bath in the Ganga.

68 When will I stand still on this bank of the Ganga by the door of Vidya Vacaspati's school and view the opulence of the spiritual kingdom? After a few moments will the Lord, who is king among sannyasis, suddenly appear up in the palace before my very eyes?

69 Seeing the golden effulgence of the Lord in the form of a sannyasi, I will fall to the earth in great anxiety. I will feel just as the gopis did upon seeing Krsna in Dvaraka dressed like a royal prince; thus they cried while remembering His sweet and simple cowherd pastimes on the bank of the Yamuna.

70 I long to take the moonlike Gauracandra back to Mayapur where He is dressed like a young boy and His divine limbs are radiant with ornaments, where His hair is long and curly and His dhoti folded thrice, where He performs pastimes with His devotees in His own garden named Isodyana.

71 Of course, this sannyasi is my Lord and I am just His servant. These different appearances that the Lord assumes are but some of His unlimited pastimes. Still, my heart longs to take the Lord back to the temple of Srivasa Pandita on the bank of Prithu Kunda!

72 A little further on from here I see the holy place called Sri Samudragar, the purifier of the whole universe. This is where Bhima had fought with King Samudra Sena and received a personal audience with the Lord, Who is the friend of the fallen and Who acknowledges His pure devotees.

73 Also, the ocean personally comes upstream to this spot by taking shelter of the river Ganga. Seeing the pastimes of Navadvipa Dhama, the ocean is astounded with divine ecstatic love. In this way, the splendrous holy place known as Sri Ganga Sigara eternally shines near the town of Navadvipa. This tirtha is seen both by the demigods and the demons alike.

74 Only the most fortunate souls can see this island of Koladvipa, the abode of supreme bliss, which is non different from the forest of Sri Bahulavan in Braja. Sri Sacikumara regularly brings His associates here, and deeply absorbed in the ecstasy of kirtana He dances again and again.

75 O Koladvipa! Please be merciful to this worthless person and give me the benediction of living in Navadvipa among the devotees! Kindly grant me the right to the treasure of the pastimes of Sri Gauranga! In life or in death, Prabhu Gauranga is my Lord!

76 In the northern part of Koladvipa is the village called Campa Hatta, which perpetually shines beautifully within Navadvipa Dhama. This Campa Hatta is a great holy place and is quite an enchanting village. It is where the poet Jayadeva worships the moonlike Gaura.

77 Here, in the home of Vani-natha, the son of Saci performed the congregational chanting of the holy names in the company of His associates. Thus there was a great, great festival in which Lord Gauranga displayed the spiritual opulence of His own ecstatic love.

78 In this village of Campa Hatta is also a forest of campaka trees, from which the gopi names Campakalata regularly gathers flowers [for making Radha and Krsna's garlands]. This village in Navadvipa is non-different from the forest of Khadiravan in Braja, where Krsna and Balarama like to take rest.

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