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a few properties, all her wealth was lost. At the time my father went to Murashidabad he took Rupees 1,500 from my mother. That money was lost. On one other occasion my father went to extricate one of the sons of Mukherjee from some difficulty and loaned Rupees 2,500 from my mother's family with a security of jewellery [to that end]. Most of that money was never returned. My wedding cost almost 2,000 Rupees and my mother paid 1,000 Rupees of the expenses. Yoga Pish had a debt and my father made the repayment. In this way there were numerous expenses and no money remained in my mother's hand. I was in complete anxiety.

99. My grandfather's house was huge. The guards were few, and I was afraid of thieves at nights. I thus gave the guards bamboo rods to carry. In this regard I was not lax. I began to study again, but I continued to be very poor at maths.

100. Mata Thakurani sent Sura Singha to Chotimangalpur. While digging through the floor of the house in Chotimangalpur the labhourers unearthed an urn full of gold coins and jewellery. [However,] those coins and jewellery found their way to the tax office. In the hope of getting those coins and jewellery mother had sent Sura Singha. [However] power of attorney was vested in Paramesvar Mahati. My paternal grandfather [Rajaballabha] got the coins by means of that lawyer and paid off many debts. Therefore Sura Singha returned after some months with some brass pots only. Out of the profits from [the sale of the pots?], Mata Thakurani, heaving a sigh [of despair] paid his last few months wages. Seeing all this I suffered greatly.

101. At this time I was about fourteen years of age. One time, being the husband of his grand daughther, I went to the house of the Simha of Khishma. In that place, many men very expert in playing chess spent the whole time doing just that. Due to eating too much food I got stomach trouble. I returned to Ula with Satkari Mama. While staying at Khisma the brother of our junior aunt, Yadu Chandra, cooked goat for us, which we ate. At that time, when I met English military men, I would go and talk with them. Seeing the finely dress English women I was very curious. When the missionaries came to town I would go and see them.

102. My maternal uncle was the famous Bengali poet Kashi Prasad Ghosa, a decendent of Tulasirama Ghosa. He had brought his family by boat to Ula and stayed at the home of Syama Prana Mushophi Mahasaya for a few days. The daughter of Syamal Pran was his wife. She was my aunt. I went to visit Kashi Prasada Babu and he tested my ability to read and write. Once, when I was doing this, he gave me a mirror as a prize. I went into the house to show my Aunt.

103. My aunt said, "Kashi said that I was intelligent, but there could be no [worthwhile] reading and writing in this place. [Ula] Come and stay in Calcutta and study there." I told this to my mother. At first she did not agree. Mother said, "I must get the advice of other relatives in Calcutta, then I will decide." I could see that she was only delaying making a decision.

104. I went and told my Aunt. My Aunt then went and reasoned with my mother, saying, "I will protect Kedar like my own son." Everyone in the house spoke to my mother, saying, "The boy will not grow up if he stays in Ula. You send Kedar to Calcutta. Later on you can go and see that the arrangements are good." It was then decided that I would go to Calcutta to study.

105. Kashi Prasad Babu then left [Ulagram] and with difficulty I remained, passing the days until puja time. The son of Shyamal Babu, Sayaram Mama, also intended to go to Calcutta to study. After the puja season, during the month of Agrahayan, we left for Calcutta. I went in their boat. Arriving in Calcutta Sayaram Mama, his mother, Grandmother,and Devendrabhrata rented a house in Bagbazar. Hari Ghosa and I stayed in the house of Kashi Prasada Babu. This time I liked Calcutta a little. The house of Kashi Prasada Babu was on the north side of the Heduya pond. It had extremely thick pillars. The neigbhourhood of Simla was like a village. On the banks of Heduya were several missionary's homes, the church of Krsna Bandor, Queens College, and the Bethune School. The neighbourhood was beautiful. The house we stayed in was likable. Through the efforts of my aunt and through the mercy of Kashi Babu I did well. I was enrolled in the Hindu Charitable Institution School.

106. I had many advantages in that school. Master Gagan Babu taught me maths with great effort. Because of him I understood maths [at last]. Isvara Chandra Nandi Babu taught me literature. What can I say? I had limitless faith in Isvara Babu. He was truthful, controlled his senses, was religious, knowledgeable in all the shastras and was well spoken. Through his mercy I prospered. I got first prize and obtained a medal in the annual examinations. Under the direction of Isvara Babu I gradually studied English literature and read a good deal.

107. Previously the suggestion had been made that I should enter college. But I made as much progress as could be desired at this school, and I continued studying there for four years. The ability to compose in English and write poetry gradually developed in me. But all of a sudden I fell ill. In the first year during the rainy season I developed an illness caused by salty water and dampness. I took whatever medicines were available but they were ineffective. I was troubled by blood dysentry, fever, and itching skin [scabies]. Everyone said I should return to Ula, but I did not like the idea of returning and giving up my studies. Just before Durga Pooja many gentlefolk came from Ulagram to visit Kashi Babu.

108. With great fanfair was the first Sraddha of Kashi Babu's mother celebrated. At this time I ate a pulao [a highly spiced preparation of fried rice] which simply increased my illness. I was very weak. I returned to Ula with the people from Ulagram. After disembarking we spent a day at the house of Visvasa at Khardaha, and at that place there was much fanfair. All the relations were gentlefolk. We reached Ula the next afternoon. I am not able to express the indescribable happiness [I felt] upon setting foot in Ula.

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