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My dear Baboo,

You will be glad to hear that you have passed your examination. We met to consider the report this morning.

Yours truly,
H. Beverley"

233. I was very happy, but due to my physical condition I was not hopeful. I was waiting [for some improvement in my health] but did not see any change in my condition so I made a firm resolve to transfer.

234. During the time I was in Chapra there was no unhappiness except for my stomach ailment. Holiday Saheb was a close friend of mine. But there was a lot of pressure on me. I thus wrote to Beverley Saheb requesting a transfer and he exerted himself in this regard. While I was in Chapra, on the 8th of June 1867, in accordance with rule 21, I was appointed assessor. On the 16th of October 1867 Beverley Saheb secured me a position as the Sub Registrar of Assurances of the Sub Districts of Purneah and Krishnaganj.

235. Holiday Saheb was not happy to hear the news of my transfer and he said, "You are junping from the frying pan into the fire. What illness will you [need to] be cured of [when you get to?] Purneah." But then I had a new position. I moved my family from Chapra to Ranaghat and then proceeded to Purneah with a bearer, Kali and Sri Kanta. I took an Examination in Bhagalpur and arrived in Purneah in the month of November and stayed in the house of Amrta Babu. On the way there was a mighty rain storm. There were no solid houses in the backwaters of Purneah. I constructed a straw house and stayed there. A few days after having the house built I brought my family there.

236. Everybody came to Purneah in order to attend to me in my illness. I stayed in Purneah for fifteen days and then I went to Krishnaganj for fifteen days. Wargan Saheb, the Collector of Purneah became my friend. When I worked in the court at Krishnaganj I stayed in a tent.

During the time I stayed in Purneah I prepared the prescription sent by Vidyasagar Mahasaya. I could get Multani Hing nowhere except the Bathget Company. First 'khai' was prepared by measuring 5 tolas of ginger powder, 2 tolas of black salt and 2 tolas of borax.

237. A 16th of an anna of hing [was required]. First one mixes together the ginger powder in the juice from horse-raddish skin; then one pounds in the black salt. Next, one pounds in the sohaga khai [borax?]. Finally one mixes in the hing. There is no measure for the amount of horse-raddish-skinэjuice. To the extent [that one adds the juice] - [the mixture must be sufficiently] well pounded. Fifty-four pills were made [in this fashion] and were kept in a stoppered file. I took two pills twice a day with water. For twenty-seven days my convalesence diet consisted of aged rice, easily digested green vegetables cooked in aged ghee, and milk. I could not eat luchi, ruti, pitha [a sweet cake], methai [sweetmeats], kancha taila [fresh oil], taila pakva [aged oil], tarakari [vegetables cooked in their own juices with ghee and spices], bhuja, bhuji, amla, shak, dahl, chinra [flat rice], and meat, but fish, if fresh, could be eaten in aged ghee. This was the rule for what could and could not be eaten for exactly twenty-seven days. A little excess milk was not injurious.

238. I took the medicine while in Purneah. My bowel movements became free [of blood]. To the extent that I had the bowel movements there was an increase in strength. At this time I studied for a law examination, but the results were poor. As a result of taking these herbs my pain ceased.

I received a letter of praise from the government, dated 21st of August 1868, for my good work in building up the offices in Purneah and Krishnaganj. Previously I had received a letter of reconmendation for my work in Chapra dated Septmeber 10th 1867. Suddenly this letter arrived:


General Registery Office 5 Wellesley Place The 26th Feb. 1868

My dear Sir,

As it is the intention of the Govt. to organize a separate Registration Service, distinct from the Subordinate Executive Service, I request that you will let me know whether you would prefer to remain a Sub Registrar as at present subject to such regulations reagarding the constitution of the service as may be passed hereafter, or to be relieved of all Registration duties at once and be transferred wholly to the Judicial Department, that is supposing the Lieutenant Government is pleased to confirm your appointment. If you remain in Sub-executive Service you will of course be required to pass the usual department Examinations. I beg the favour of a reply by return of post.

Yours truly

H.Beverley To Babu Kedar Nath Dutt

240. I gave an answer as follows:


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