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month of Agrahayan I sent my family home. Srimati Saudamini married Sriman Charuchandra Majundar in Nihati. After taking an 8 day vacation during the month of Agrahayan at the time of the marriage I returned to the house. Mahendra Mama made all of the arrangements. Returning to Ararisa I came down with a urinary disease. Doctor Pickali Saheb said that it was diabetes.

282. With the help of the local [doctor] who had a machine, I discovered that the ailment was [due to] phosphatic urine. Though I drunk the juice of the Somanath and the Vasanta Kusumaka, I did not get any relief. Barada Prasada was born on the 15th of Asat 1283 Saka in Ranaghat. In the month of March 1878 Biraja [a girl] also took birth in Ranaghat. My illness was giving me trouble so on the 16th of July 1877, according to the order of the government, I received permision to take two months sick leave. My wife was with me. Mother and Annada were at the rented house in Calcutta. 283. Annada was studying in Calcutta. I stayed in Arariya for three years. I made a beautiful garden there. Sir Richard Temple saw it and was delighted by it. George Ward Saheb was saw the garden and was pleased too. I would go to Calcutta and stay with Annada at Sundipara. Doctor Coates Saheb examined my urine and prescribed [a medicine constisting of] one drop of liquor of stricnine, one drop of nitric acid, goksuradi [?] and ghee [because previously taking this had helped] and gradually my health began to improve. Arrangements were made for Annada's marriage. I took a few days vacation and went to Ranaghat for the wedding. On the 27th November 1877 according to orders I transferred to Mahibarekha. There was a lot of work in Mahibarekha. The misbehaviour of the police was excessive. Because I was near Calcutta I wanted to stay there.

284. Umaprasad Ghosa made much effort for the marriage of Annada. At the time I stayed in Mahiberekha I visited places like Amta, Khanakul, Syampur, etc. I was delighted to see the Shiva Deity of Madan Babu at the Devi Temple in Amta. My place [?] is Gada Bhavanipur which was near Chitrasenpur.

285. That very place was the Bhursut Pargana dwelling of Bharatchandra Raya. After two months, in the month of February, I went to Bhadrak. Leaving Calcutta by the boat, Sargent Lawrence, I went to Chandravali and thence to Bhadrak. Chandravali is in theэvicinity of Bhadrak. I liked old Bhadrak. Previously, when I was a teacher in Bhadrak, Diyar Saheb was a Deputy [Magistrate]. He and his wife had a lot of respect for me and they brought me to the Sub Divisional Residence. While I was staying at that house I had written a small English book named Maths of Orissa. Doctor Hunter Saheb refers to my book in his History of Orissa.

286. Becoming Deputy Magistrate myself I became the resident of that very house. I was very happy to see the hedges and trees in the garden. Robins Saheb wrote a very affectionate letter to me requesting me to return to Orissa. I stayed alone there for a months and I was not happy, so I brought my whole family. At this time Bholanath Babu had the post of [?] in the Midnapur gaol.

287. He helped my family on the way Bhadrak. In Bhadrak the people who I had previously known where few. Balaram Basu, the son of Radhamohan Babu, would generally stay in my house. Sometimes Nimai Babu would come. There was not very much work for me so whatever I did I did with great attention. On the 11th July 1878 the government gave me Summary Power. At that time Norman Saheb was the Magistrate. On the 14th of August 1878 the government transferred me from Bhadrak to Narail.

288. I arrived with my family in Midnapur on the footpath by means of a palanquin placed on top of a wagon. I stayed in Jakpur for one or two days. At the time I was married in Jakpur it was beautiful but it had [in time] deteriorated. When I was in Midnapur I stayed for a day in the house of Doctor Bhuvan Babu and then proceeded to Jakpur. From Jakpur I took a boat along the canal and when I came to Ulaberi I boarded a steamer. Thereafter I arrived in Ranaghat.

289. From Ranaghat I went by horse carriage via Chakdar straight to Afra Ghat and from there by boat to Narail. It was late at night [when we arrived]. I, my son-in-law, Annada, Radhika and Kamal then walked some distance to the house.

290. At the time Umacharan Ganguli Babu was the Deputy Magistrate. He gave food to us with particular attention. The next day I learnt that Umacharan Babu did not want to leave Narail. He tried to arrange [his staying there] through Magistrate Page. I wrote a letter to Secretary Cockerel and he wrote in reply that I should stay in Narail. Umacharan Babu then left.

291. There was a lot of work [to be done] in Narail. The Registrary Office was at hand and there was some advantage in that. Atul Babu was the Munshef [administrator of justice] there. It was good to tour about the countryside while in Narial. One could travel all around by boat. I would go at times to places like Laksmipasha, Kaliya etc. and hold court [there?]. After five or six months I brought my family to Narail. When I was in Narail I made acquaitance with Brett Saheb, who came to Narail for the purpose of hunting. In Narail there were many important people but Chandra Babu was the foremost. His attention was focused on Hindu Dharma. I stayed in Narail for almost three years. The local people liked my very much. As I proceeded from village to village the local residents would seranade me with kirtan.

292. During the time I stayed in Narail I suffered serious fevers on two occasions. On one occasion I became very weak because of the fever. Because my touring the Muphasel had fallen behind scheduale I travelled with my wife. I took medicine from a Kaviraj but I performed my duties with difficulty. Staying a few days in Naladi I went to Raigram. Doctor Sitanath Babu carefully examined me and he gave me electrical treatment. One would find very few as intelligent as he. We had great fun at the Raigram Fair.

The respectable gentlefolk of Narail made great efforts to entertain visiting gentlefolk. The ladies would make a preparation of crushed coconut, and light snacks, and bring then to our tents. The gentlefolk brought many common household foods and it would have been very indiscrete not to accept them, so I would take a little and give the rest to the others to eat. There were many dishes [offered to us], such as condensed milk.

293. The green-coconut [dab] milk was very good in Narail. Samil, a servant [of ours?], could purchase a very big coconut for one Paisa only. I did not drink any water but drank only greencoconut milk. Because of this my body became very healthy. Hrishi Babu and Baradadas Babu and others came to see me all the time.

295. In 1286, while residing in Narail, I published Krishna Samhita. After that, in 1287, I published the book Kalyana Kalpataru. Regarding the Krishna Samhita a European scholar, R. Rest Saheb, wrote [as follows]:

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