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Chapter 2 About Sri Prema-vivarta

LORD CAITANYA'S beauty and transcendental attributes always sustain my recollections; my heart cries out, my body swells and twists unceasingly. Amongst incessant tears, a desire to write subdues all other thoughts. I take up the pen and write, pushing aside shame and fears.

I am a pandita (or scholar) by name only. I do not possess any
real knowledge. Yet I have a strong yearning to write about Sri
Caitanya Mahaprabhu's transcendental pastimes.
Srila Svarupa Damodara Gosvami and Sri Jagadananda Pandita
Svarupa Damodara Gosvami once enquired. "What do you
write, Panditji?" I replied, "I simply write about subjects which are
most dear to me."
"I wish to secretly write down those pastimes of Sri Caitanya
Mahaprabhu that are stored in my memory."
Svarupa Damodara Gosvami said, "Then write about the
wonderful characteristics of the Lord. The entire world can derive
their greatest benefit from reading them."
I said, "I am ignorant about what is beneficial to the world. I'll
just write down whatever appeals to me."
Svarupa Damodara Gosvami left me alone, knowing I was
eccentric. Sitting by myself, I meditate upon the Lord, and I simply
write about His pastimes. I have witnessed many of my Lord's
pastimes, because I have always stayed by Him. I am writing down
some of these events according to my bent of mind.
I remember the Lord's activities and my mind and heart cry out
in separation, my eyes shed incessant tears. I write down the
incidents as they come to memory.
Lord Caitanya and the author
One day the Lord jokingly said to me, "You have been the chief
queen of Dvaraka for a long time, and I am just a poor beggar. Why
do you serve Me? You can get so many hundreds of renunciants like
Myself to serve."
I replied, "Give up Your pretension and deceit. Why don't You
say that I am simply a maidservant engaged at the lotus feet of
Srimati Radharani.
"You have stolen the lustre of my dear mistress Radharani:
hence, You are a thief, and I shall catch You and return You back to
the land of Vraja.
"My only desire is to serve Srimati Radharani, but You want to
send me to far away Dvaraka. This is all Your mischievous pastime.
Your activities as a renounced sannyasi are only too well-known to
me. In fact, You just want to deceive and deprive us while You serve
the lotus feet of Radharani all by Yourself."
Remembering the Lord's childhood pastimes
Oh! How wonderful are Lord Caitanya's lotus feet. They are
my most cherished treasure in devotional service. Where has He
gone, leaving me alone, a lonesome wretch? He has left me, yet I am
still alive? I toss and turn, suffering this unbearable agony of
Once in our early boyhood days, we had a quarrel in school.
Feeling very sad and hurt, I sat down on the bank of the Ganga in
Mayapura and cried all day and night. My Lord, always the most
merciful master, came to me at the break of dawn with Gadadhara
Pandita. he called out to me, "Jagadananda, such anger is not at all
good. Speak to us and forget your stubbornness."
My anger melted just looking at His ecstatic face, and I asked
Him, "Why did you come in the darkness of early morning? Nadia
roads are very hard and full of stones. It must have caused you great
pan to walk on it. You have undertaken so much difficulty just for
my sake?
The Lord said, "Come, let us go! The night's ended. Go to
your house and eat. I know the sadness you feel. I have also fasted
all this while and slept on the stone floor.
"Gadadhara Pandita came to My house, so together we have
come to search for you. It is good that you have given up your
insolence. Now go to your house, tomorrow we can joyfully play
together again."
Catching hold of Gadadhara's feet, I sat up slowly, for it was
impossible for me to disregard my Lord's instructions. I then went to
the Lord's house, ate a little and laid own to rest for a few hours.
In the morning Mother Saci and Jagannatha Misra fed me rice
and milk and then sent me off to school with the Lord. After classes
I went to my Home with the Lord, and sitting together, we ate.
The love one feels for the beloved after a quarrel is like pure
nectar, and so i also felt intense ecstasy. The Lord said, "It is
because of ecstatic love that you and I get angry. Our love for each
other continues to increase after every quarrel.
The author's love for the Lord
My Lord Gauranga is a moon-like personality, one's life
becomes a series of illusions without worshipping Him, but one cab
experience supreme ecstasy by rendering Him devotional service. The
Lord is the embodiment of magnanimity, so who can ever forget
Him? He endlessly distributes mercy to His servants.
Lord Caitanya is my Lord and master, and I will never leave
His shelter. He is the Lord of my heart. Whoever utters His name
'Sri Caitanya!' becomes my dearest friend and I will rush to embrace
O Lord Caitanya! You are the most precious treasure of my
heart. I refuse to see the face of that faithless person who has never
glorified the name of Lord Caitanya. However if by chance I see the
face of anyone who has forgotten the Lord or disregard His lotus feet,
then my whole day is ruined!
I shall beat with a stick that person who offers respect to some
other sannyasi, neglecting Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and I shall put
fire to the mouth of the person who discusses frivolous and mundane
topics, avoiding the nectarean pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
If by pleasing Lord Caitanya I have to experience pain, then let
me suffer eternal anguish. And if my Lord renounces pleasure and
joy, accepting an austere life style, then I shall drown in an ocean of
Lord Caitanya and Srila Gadadhara Pandita
One day, while I was totally absorbed in playing, my Lord
entered the deep forest on the bank of the river alokananda Ganga.
Gadadhara Pandita and I quickly got up and followed behind Him.
A splendid parrot perched on a fragrant Bakula tree observed our
The Lord saw the parrot, catching hold of him He said, "You
are Vyasadeva's son, so you should sing the glories of Sri Radha and
Krsna and increase our bliss." The parrot, ignoring the Lord's words,
began to sing - "Gaura Hari"! The Lord feigning anger, hurled the
parrot away.
The parrot continued to sing, "Gaura! Gaura!" and began to
dance. We immediately felt the stirrings of ecstatic emotions hearing
the parrot's wonderful song. The Lord again said, "O parrot! This is
Vrndavana! Sing loudly the divine names of Radha and Krsna so that
everyone can hear."
The parrot rejoindered, "Vrndavana has now been transformed
into Navadvipa, and I see Radha and Krsna in the form of Gaura
Hari. I am a parrot living in this forest, simply surviving on the
chanting of the holy name of Gaura. You are my Krsna, and
Gadadhara here is my Radharani."
I offer my prostrated obeisances at the feet of anyone who
remembers the ambrosial pastimes of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
Sri Navadvipa and Sri Vrndavana
To me, Sri Gadadhara and Sri Gauranga are Radha and Syama,
and I see the thirty-two square miles area of Navadvipa-dhama as an
exact replica of Vrndavana. Whoever differentiates between Lord
Krsna, the son of Mother Yasoda and Lord Nimai, the son of
Mother Saci, is to be avoided like poison.
He who cannot perceive Vrndavana in Navadvipa is a foolish
logician whose life is merely a burden to him.
Worship of Radha-Krsna without approaching Lord Gauranga is futile
I have unconditional love for one who worships the holy name,
the holy abode, and the wonderful pastimes and characteristics of Sri
Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
Any person, even though born in Bengal, will never feel
attraction in his heart for the transcendental name, pastimes and abode
of Sri Radha and Krsna, if he does not take shelter of the
transcendental form, name, ecstatic pastimes and sublime abode of
Lord Caitanya first.

Chapter 3 First Prayer

I OFFER MY REPEATED obeisances at the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani, whose partial expansion, Srimati Satyabhama, resides in Dvaraka.

The son of Nanda Maharaja, Sri Krsna, has now appeared as
Sri Krsna Caitanya, and having brought with Him Sri Gadadhara
Pandita, they purify and bless the land of Nadia.
Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu brought Gadadhara Pandita to Sri
Purusottama-Ksetra, Puri and there They manifested many
confidential pastimes, in the conjugal mood as "Gaura Gadai".
The Lord introduced Gadadhara Pandita to the worship of the
Sri Tota-Gopinatha Deity and encouraged him in that service.
To me He gave Lord Giridhari's worship, Who resides on the
ocean shores. Additionally He sent me all the devotees from Bengal
to look after.
Srila Svarupa Damodara Gosvami is more dear to me than my
very life, for he is Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu's life and soul.
I throw myself, my entire life, at the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya
Mahaprabhu. I am able to write this Prema-vivarta only on the
instructions and by the inspiration of all the devoted Vaisnavas.

Lord Caitanya's Magnitude Lord Caitanya's Dancing is Eternal

ALL OF YOU, my brothers! Please worship Sri Gauranga, the Lord and master of my heart, because without Him, life becomes a meaningless dreary and drab burden.

My Lord Gauranga dances eternally in Srimati Sacidevi's
courtyard in Mayapura, accompanying Him is Lord Nityananda and
Advaita Acarya Prabhu. He danced in Srivas Pandita's house
absorbed in the most ecstatic moods; anyone beholding Him thus
never forgot that wonderful sight.
His sublime pastimes and bodily movements remain indelibly
imbedded in my heart like moving pictures, and as my soul yearns
and cries out to see more, They flash across the screen of my mind.
When I saw my Lord dancing in the Jagannatha Mandira,
endless waves of ecstatic emotion flooded my heart. What is there
fore me in this wretched life except to see the exquisite dancing
movements of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu performing on the banks of
the Jahnavi Ganga River.
All demigods and demigoddesses are Lord Caitanya's servitors
Everyone must worship the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
with undeviating devotion and reject the worship of demigods and
goddesses as though they were on the same level. Know that all the
demigods and goddesses are servitors of Sri Gauranga. Never let the
mind entertain the idea that Lord Krsna and Lord Gauranga are
different personalities.
Be enlightened in spiritual truth; your spiritual master is the
recipient of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's special mercy. The eternal
associates of the Lord are the different limbs of His transcendental
As for those who adamantly oppose Lord Caitanya's divine
position as the supreme person should clearly understand that every
soul is Lord Gauranga's servant.
Firm faith in worshipping Lord Caitanya
Do not indulge in useless criticism and finding faults in others.
Deep within your heart simply worship the lotus feet of Sri Caitanya
Mahaprabhu with unflinching devotion.
Chant Lord Gauranga's holy name, because HIS name is
omnipotent; all other names of demigods, goddesses and Visnu-tattvas
are perfectly harmonised and contained in His name.
Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the original spiritual master in this
cosmic creation, so teach everyone the process of simple, unalloyed
love for Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
Give up deceit and hypocrisy and purify your mind. Either
sincerely worship Lord Gauranga or maintain society, family and
friendship. It is impossible to do both.
Choose between engaging yourself in the transcendental
devotional service of Caitanya Mahaprabhu or taking shelter of
mundane activities; serving family, friends and society. It is
impossible to maintain both these activities simultaneously.
I, Jagadananda, humbly caution that if we do not develop single-
mindedness in executing devotional service, then we place ourselves in
The impossible task of trying to cross a river with two boats, with a
foot in each.

Chapter Five Quarrelsome Jagai

THE EMOTIONAL UPHEAVALS caused by my intense love for the Lord dance ceaselessly like waves on the ocean of my mind. Every day I get into some quarrel and misunderstanding with Lord Gauranga, so I came to be known as Kundale Jagai: "the quarrelsome Jagai".

I went on a pilgrimage to Vraja Vrndavana, and spent some
days staying with Srila Sanatana Gosvami. There I also picked a
fight with him. One day I saw the equipoised, self-realised soul,
Sanatana Gosvami, wearing a red cloth usually worn by "devi-
worshippers" wrapped around his head.
I immediately felt like smashing him with the rice pot lying in the
corner, but when I saw Sanatana Gosvami's humble dealings, all my
pugnaciousness vanished, and I threw myself to one corner in great
shame. My beloved Lord Gaura knows everything about me and yet
He sent me to Vrndavana, while He stayed far away and watched the
It is good that my woes give Him pleasure. Let me suffer
eternal tribulations, because His happiness brings me great joy. I
weep day and night feeling pangs of separation from my Lord, and
my Lord Gaura simply smiles, looking at my tear-streaked face. That
sannyasi, Gauracandra, is actually a cheater, yet I love His wonderful
pastimes and His nectarean words. My Lord is now manifesting that
same mood He previously manifested in Vraja, Vrndavana, yet
understanding all this, I cannot fully enter into that mood.
Once I brought Him a pot of pure sandalwood oil, but in return
He simply gave me cutting words; so out of insolence and frustration I
broke that pot in front of Him. Angry and in a sulking mood, I
remained fasting. But my wonderful Lord, using devious means,
dissolved my ire. He made me cook wild-grown varieties of spinach
for our meal, saying food prepared by an angry cook enhances the
taste. This statement incensed me further, and He seemed more
pleased by this. His joys are my only precious concern.
When Sanatana enquired from me as to what he should do, I
advised him to go to Vrndavana. The Lord thought that it was
foolish of me to try and advise Sanatana Gosvami. I am always
amazed to see how child-like the Lord is. I fervently hold on to His
lotus feet for shelter. Then when I desired to go to Vrndavana he
refused me permission, giving various excuses, trying to deceive me.
And when I resisted His order, He asked me to go to Navadvipa.
Of course, I consider all this His causeless mercy on me.
My Lord now resides in Purusottama-ksetra, which is equivalent
in spiritual status to the opulent Dvaraka. He lives away from His
own abode on the pretext that He has received His mother's
permission to stay there, yet He instructed me to go Navadvipa,
which is His actual home. In fact, the Lord sends those fortunate
souls, who are recipients of His mercy, to His home - Navadvipa.
As for me, coming back to Navadvipa was like returning home, just
like a cowherd boy returning to Goloka Vrndavana.
In this way, I am executing my devotional service to the Lord
day and night. It is the nature of all of Lord Gauranga'a devotees to
serve His lotus feet. The lotus feet of Srila Gadadhara Pandita and
Lord Gauranga are my only invaluable treasure. Sri Svarupa
Damodara knows my inner mood

Chapter 6 The Ultimate Goal of Living Entities The Living entity and Lord Krsna

THE LIVING ENTITIES are infinitesimal parts of the Supreme Absolute Truth, and Lord Krsna is that Supreme absolute Personality, transcendental and effulgent. When the living entities realise that Lord Krsna is the eternal and absolute controller, they engage in His loving devotional service. The living entities in their conditioned state

When the living entity desire to enjoy separately from Krsna, the
illusory potency of the Lord, maya, immediately grabs the soul in her
clutches. Being maya's captive, he becomes bewildered and acts like
someone who has been possessed by a witch.
The jiva soul, forgetting his constitutional position as the eternal
servant of Krsna, perfect and pure, becomes a slave of maya. In this
condition he roams eternally in the material world from one body to
He goes through many births, sometimes born as a king,
sometimes as an ordinary citizen, sometimes as a brahmana and
sometimes as a sudra (a menial labourer). Sometimes he is suffering,
and sometimes he is happy. Sometimes he is born as an insect, and
sometimes he goes to heaven. Then sometimes he has to come down
to this earth again, and sometimes he has to go to hell. Sometimes
he is born as a demigod, sometimes as a demon, sometimes as the
master and other times the servant.
Only the association of saintly souls can save one
Roaming about in the material world, taking one birth after
another, if by chance the living entity comes in contact with a saintly
person he becomes immediately knowledgeable of his true identity as
pure spirit soul, an eternal servant of Krsna. Enlightened by this
knowledge, he does not want material entanglement any longer, and he
laments: "Alas! Why have I served this illusory material energy for so
He bitterly regrets and cries out, "Krsna! My Lord, I am Your
eternal servant. Ever since I left the shelter of Your lotus feet my life
has been completely devastated."
Lord Krsna is so merciful that if anyone importunes Him
earnestly, He immediately releases the jiva from material entanglement.
When the jiva breaks away from maya's captivating spell and strives
toward Lord Krsna by rendering devotional service, he regains the
supreme shelter of the Lord's lotus feet. Lord Krsna fortifies him
with His transcendental, internal potency, and this overbearing power
of the Lord's spiritual potency weakens maya's influence on the living
The only desirable object is to be able to chant the holy name
of the Lord in the association of pure and saintly devotees. This is
the best and only way to conquer nescience.
I, Jagadananda, the eternal servant of Lord Gaurasundara, have
given up all other hope and shelter and am sitting here with only one
desire: to receive the shelter of Sri Gaurasundara's lotus feet.

Chanting the Holy Name is for Everyone Chanting is not possible in the company of non devotees

ONE CANNOT CHANT the holy name of Lord Krsna purely in the company of non devotees. The sound and syllables of the name may be uttered, but that is not real chanting.

Chanting of This nature is at best the clearing stage or
namabhasa. It is always mixed with offenses to the holy name. This
chanting is a detriment to spiritual progress and cannot be considered
as pure devotional service.
The Proper Method of chanting
If you want to chant Lord Krsna's holy name purely, then
earnestly seek the company of pure devotees of the Supreme Lord, Sri
Krsna. Reject all the unwanted desires for sense enjoyment,
liberation, mystic powers, and other material desires.
Avoid the ten offenses against the holy name of the Lord and
become free from the dualities of honour and dishonour. This
material world is meant to be utilised in the service of the Lord.
Render service without attachment for material things and chant the
holy name of Lord Krsna constantly.
Accepting everything that is favourable for executing devotional
service and reject everything that is unfavourable for devotional life.
Do not endeavour for mundane speculative knowledge, fruitive
activities and mystic yoga. False renunciation is 'monkey
renunciation', which only aims at bodily pleasure and comforts. Bear
in mind that Lord Krsna always protects and maintains everyone.
Humbly surrender your life and soul to the lotus feet of the Lord,
and, in that way, rid yourself of unwanted material desires.
The Supreme Lord Krsna knows that it is very difficult for the
living entities to find the association of real saintly persons, so He has
now come to Nadia as a pure devotee of the Lord. Therefore, all
who are endowed with proper intelligence should take shelter of Lord
Gauranga's lotus feet, because Lord Gauranga is the perfect saint and
spiritual master.
The duties of a renunciant
My dear brother, you are in the renounced order of life and
should not listen to mundane prattles nor should you engage in
materialistic discussions when you meet one another.
Do not think of women even in dreams. You have accepted the
renounced order of life with a vow that proscribes associating with
women. If you wish to associate with Caitanya Mahaprabhu, you
must always remember the incident of Chota Haridasa and how he
was rejected by the Lord.
Do not eat rich palatable dishes or dress in fineries. Always
remain humble an serve their Lordships Sri Sri Radha-Krsna in your
hearts of hearts.
Chant Lord Krsna's name incessantly like Thakura Haridasa and
meditate on the pastimes of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna in the shady
bowers of Vrndavana day and night.
Instructions to the householder and the renunciant
Lord Gauranga instructed both the householder and the
renunciant: "O brothers! Take care that not a moment passes without
chanting the holy name of Lord Krsna." Many rules and spiritual
practices are not necessary for advancement in devotional service.
simply take complete shelter of the holy name and purify your heart
and consciousness.
The supreme Lord Krsna descended to this material world in the
form of His holy name out of compassion for the conditioned souls.
And now to show special mercy to the living entities of Kali-yuga,
Lord Krsna has advented as Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. Serve the
dear associates of Lord Caitanya with a sincere and innocent heart.
You will certainly receive the shelter of Lord Krsna's lotus feet.
Seek the association of Lord Gauranga's devotees and chant the
glories of Lord Gauranga. Chant the maha-mantra (Hare Krsna)
and dance in ecstasy. Very soon you will be favoured by the most
treasured object: love of Godhead! Only to freely distribute this
priceless treasure the Supreme Lord has appeared in Nadia.
I, the argumentative Jagai, am Lord Gauranga's servant. I request
and pray to the devotees with tears in my eyes, to please take shelter
of the holy name and chant constantly.

Chapter 8 Be Free From Finding Fault With Others Worship Lord Gauranga with a pure heart THRICE I DO CONFIRM it my brothers! Worship Lord Gauranga! Lord Gauranga is the original spiritual master of this entire cosmic manifestation. If you sincerely desire to worship Lord Gauranga, then purify your mind and become free from the tendency to find fault and criticise others. In this manner take shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga.

Lord Gauranga knows everyone's innermost thoughts, so how can
you cheat him? When your heart becomes pure and free from all
vices, you will easily understand His instructions. Ultimately you will
end up cheating yourself if you engage your thoughts in nonessential
things like finding faults with others. How an you hide your thoughts
from the Supreme Lord Gauranga? He knows everything in your
Lord Gauranga has taught us to follow His ideal life and
character. If you want the best for yourself, then follow His
Insincere devotional service
Simply telling the world, "I am Lord Caitanya's servant", will
not suffice. Real success in devotional life, comes when one take to
heart the life and teachings of Lord Caitanya. Making an external
show of worshipping Lord Caitanya, by keeping the appearance of a
devotee, wearing tilaka, tulasi mala, etc. but secretly committing sins,
then Lord Gauranga will certainly discover such cheating and
You will become very degraded and despised by everyone if you
try to act in this way. All of your devotional practices will be ruined
by committing offenses against the holy name. Such a capricious
mentality will hurl you to the depths of depravity and you will b
shunned by all. You will be forced to commit offenses against the
holy name, which will gradually destroy the creeper of devotion.
What is more crippling to devotional life than the committing of sins
while chanting the holy name?
No hardship is involved in chanting the holy name. It is an
easily attainable, priceless spiritual gem. Simply by moving the lips
and tongue and loudly pronouncing the Lord's name, one can chant
the holy name. And if that involves too much physical effort, then
certainly it is easy to remember the holy name. Even if a person is
dumb or suffering from mental aberrations, he can at least hear the
holy name of the Lord, and that hearing will destroy all the sinful
reactions within his heart and give him the highest in spiritual life.
As a result of worshipping the temple Deity with proper devotion
for many, many births, the holy name of Krsna appears and dances
constantly on one's tongue. The paths of fruitive activity, speculative
knowledge or mystic yoga are incapable of offering the same spiritual
success, because according to the scriptures, a little fault in the
execution of these processes will render everything null and void.
So give up endeavouring in these other processes. Take
complete shelter of the holy name, for it is the essence of all religious
practices, and very soon you can easily cross over the ocean of birth
and death.
About Srila Kavi-Karnapura
All glories to Kavi-Karnapura! He is a greatly blessed soul.
Both of us hail from the same village. He has revealed in his writings
some of the marvellous qualities of the holy name. One who is the
recipient of Lord Gauranga's mercy is certainly the most fortunate soul
in the entire universe. Kavi-Karnapura, having received the Lord's
mercy at the tender age of seven, became respected by all as a great
All glory to Sri Sivananda Sena, the father of Sri Kavi-
Karnapura. In my early years he taught me Bhagavad-gita and
Srimad Bhagavatam. He took me to Nadia and placed me at the
lotus feet of Lord Gauranga. Srila Sivananda Sena has always been
my saviour and mentor in times of happiness and distress.
In his house he taught me cooking, allowing me to prepare the
Deity's offering, and because he taught me well, I could cook for my
Lord, Sri Gauranga, and satisfy Him with my service.
My humble submission to all is that only he who stays in the
company of saintly Vaisnavas can constantly chant the holy name of
the Lord.

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