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otus shining like the sun. In each of its petals is a garden where Lord Krsna enjoys with the His gopi-beloveds.

6 Between the petals of this lotus are many splendid paths, paths invisible to the material senses, paths known only by the Vedas.

7 In that jewel lotus is a place of many beautiful and virtuous surabhi cows filled with nectar milk.

8 In the middle of the circle of petals is the splendid palace of Vraja's king. In the circle around are the splendid palaces of all the gopas.

9 In the middle of that glorious place is the king of Vraja's palace, filled with the royal opulences and royal assemblies, and splendid like the sun.

10 Although that palace is the most beautiful, its inner inner part is even more wonderfully beautiful. O heart, if you wish to know all about that place; then please remember my Gopala-campu.

11-12 Surrounded by the stars and cakora birds of His friends, gently smiling, the moonlight of His glories shining, happy with the words of the poet devotees, never tiring of giving a great festival of happiness to the lotus flowers of His devotees, surrounded by His father and elders, and enjoying great festivals with the dear gopis, in that place the moon of Gopa Krsna enjoys blissful pastimes.

13 His limbs worshipped by sapphires, His garments eclipsing the land of gold, and His Self the home of eloquence and a host of virtues, the ruler of Vraja shines with great splendor.

14 In this place Lord Krsna enjoys pastimes. Please listen, and I will tell them to you in detail. They are not different from His manifest pastimes. I will not say anything that is not true. Now it is not right to say anything like that.

15 I will only point the direction to all that has been said of Lord Krsna's pastimes. Even the smallest part of His pastimes is a great wonder. What wise man will ever tire of hearing Lord Krsna's pastimes?

16 When the night had ended and the poets expert at composing prayers stood at the door, the people of Vraja awakened and became very happy at heart when Lord Krsna appeared before them.

17 The sounds in Vraja of the cowherd people talking and singing, the cows being milked, and the butter being churned, sounds like the churning of a nectar ocean, filled Lord Krsna with happiness.

18 Overcome with love for their son, the king and queen of Vraja again and again gave limitless charity to the poets reciting virut poems praising Him.

19 In that place are many pastime cottages and many beautiful and exalted gopis dear to Lord Krsna. On what forest path are there not gopis, cottages, and pastime couches?

20 Lord Krsna went to each gopi's bed. The beautiful slender gopis embraced Him. For the whole night He tightly held the gopis in His arms.

21 Sri Radha, the supreme goddess of fortune shines like a moon surrounded by stars. The gopis follow Her and praise Her virtues.

22 She is a beautiful goddess born from King Vrsabhanu, who is a jewel ocean of the pastimes of saintly deeds in Vraja. She is the first of Lord Krsna's beautiful beloveds. She is charming and playful in the pastimes of love.

23 She is like a glittering lightning flash by the monsoon cloud of Her beloved. She wears beautiful garments colored like Her beloved. The beautiful grace of Her limbs decorates Her sapphire locket and glistening ornaments.

24 She can be compared only to Herself. Her limbs are very beautiful. Her glories have made all directions auspicious. She is glorious with the most auspicious marks.

25 The splendor of Her toenails defeats the beauty of the moon and the lotus. The beauty of each of Her limbs enchants the heart of Sri Krsna.

26 She is the softness and delicateness of flowers descended to the three worlds. She is the fragrance of fragrances. She speaks sweet and graceful words to please Her beloved.

27 She is the most intelligent of the intelligent, learned in all knowledge, artistic in all arts, humble at heart, and the giver of shyness, humbleness, righteousness, fame, happiness, and auspiciousness to Her devotees.

28 Her virtues, beginning with kindness to all living beings, are equalled only by those of Lord Krsna Himself. She is affectionate and devoted to Her superiors. She is the well-wisher of all living beings, moving and inert. She is sprinkled with the nectar of happiness.

29 In Her heart She again and again offers arati to a single ray of light from Her beloved's toenail. Thinking a bumblebee to be His messenger, She speaks very wonderful words of love for Him.

30 If the breeze moves as She approaches the rendezvous, She thinks Her lover must be coming. She enters the heart of a devotee that lovingly engages in nine kinds of devotional service.

31 She is always decorated with incomparable loving pastimes. In a secluded place She happily jokes with Her gopi friends and Her beloved.

32 Sometimes She knits Her eyebrows and sometimes She speaks sweet and humble words. In this way She brings Her beloved Krsna completely under Her control. How can I glorify Her properly? I do not have the power to glorify Her properly.

33 Sri Krsna is splendidly manifest before each gopi in the rasa-dance circle. He is deeply in debt for the gopi's love. Radha is the first of the gopis. She is the first.

34 Now please hear the pastimes of mercy Radha enjoyed on the night of the rasa dance. Lord Krsna took Her far away. With great happiness She did not know where He was taking Her.

35 Unable to tolerate Radha's good fortune, Her gopi rivals criticized Her. Radha still arranged for their meeting with Krsna.

36 How can I describe Her peerless virtues? How can I describe the girl who is a flood of waves in an ocean of amorous pastimes with Lord Krsna? O heart, please hear a sweet pastime She enjoyed with Her beloved at sunrise.

37 When She understood that very little of the night remained, Radha tightly bound Her lover with the ropes of Her arms and bathed His body with Her tears.

38 Lord Krsna very gently wiped away Her tears, but then He bathed His again and again with His own tears.

39 Then Radha's two friends Lalita and Visakha came to Their side. With sharp words like a warm winter sun, the two girls broke the coolness of the divine couple's motionless embrace.

40 Radha became embarrassed. Again She embraced Her lover. Pretending to be asleep, She lay motionless for a moment. Frightened, She tried to cheat the wakefulness that had come.

41 When daytime came, Krsna's dear gopis remembered Krsna's mother. In great haste they went to perform their duties.

42 When night came She was happy to abandon Her favorite garment. Now that day has come, She again holds the garment to Her limbs. Ah, time has the power to take away what is most dear.

43 With water from a beautiful cup again and again She washed her mouth, hands, and feet, and then threw the water to the ground, water that purifies the celestial worlds beginning with Bhuvar and Svar.

44 No longer openly showing Her love, Lord Krsna's beloved now kept that love hidden in Her heart. Taking the remaining oil, She massaged Lord Krsna's limbs. She was His equal.

45 After massaging Him, She bathed Him with scented water, and all the directions became filled with the sweet fragrance.

46 Although She covered Krsna's form with beautiful garments, She made the glory of His limbs increase. He became like a host of monsoon clouds and a brilliant sun filling all directions with rays of light.

47 Or, it may also be said: Although She carefully hid Her love for Krsna, it could still be seen manifested as Lord Krsna's glory. The many jewel ornaments beautiful-eyed Radha placed on Him delighted Her gopi friends.

48 By chanting the two-syllable mantra УKrs-naФ, Radha drank the sacred water of the feet of Lord Krsna, King Nanda, and Mother Yasoda. Then She went to see Yasoda, Lord Krsna's mother.

49 Then Radha went to Lord Krsna's mother, Yasoda. Accompanied by many friends, and not able to approach her directly, Radha went by a crooked path, finally placing Her forehead at Yasoda's feet.

50 With both hands touching Radha's head, Mother Yasoda carefully picked Her up, smelled Her head, wept, enveloped Her in a great hug, and became very happy.

51 By Yasoda's order, Radha with the beautiful heart bowed down before the elder ladies and then sat down. Her face like the moon, She charmed everyone's cakora-bird eyes.

52 Again and again gazing at Her, the ladies melted with love for Radha. They became agitated like frogs troubled by summer heat when the cool night is over.

53 O heart, I have told you something of Radha's pastimes. Now I will tell you something of Lord Krsna's pastimes. I have told you something of the glory of Lord Krsna's abode. Now I will give to you the blissful description of that abode's ruler.

54 When Krsna's most beloved Radha rose from bed to perform Her daily duties, Lord Krsna, rising for the same purpose, was served by His servant-friend.

55 When Lord Krsna removed His night garment, the marks of His secret amorous pastimes became exposed. They were like a traitor telling His secrets. Seeing them, His servant friends smiled and laughted.

56 O heart, gaze on Lord Krsna's carefully washed face, hands, and feet, which defeat forests of lotus flowers. Goddess Laksmi, who is beautiful like a world of lotus flowers, has come to Vraja, become a poet, and taken shelter of the dust of His feet.

57 Then Lord Krsnacandra allowed Goddess Radha to expertly anoint His limbs with many kinds of sweetly scented oil.

58 Whoever accepts the remnants of this oil that massaged Lord Krsna attains intense love for Krsna. That is not surprising. Whoever even once happily smells the fragrance of that oil also attains intense love for Krsna. That is surprising.

59 With scented water Lord Krsna then washed His own limbs. O heart, please hear about the great splendor of Lord Krsna's form.

60 After massaging Lord Krsna's body, the servant knew that Krsna's form was now very soft and relaxed. Trembling, the servant removed Lord Krsna's wet garments and dressed Him in two dry garments. He blossomed with happiness.

61 The expert servant placed two garments splendid like gold on the monsoon-cloud limbs of Lord Krsna. Splendid, decorated with tilaka and graceful ornaments, and His hair expertly tied, Lord Krsna delighted the friends of splendor and mercy in the three worlds.

62 Sitting on a golden throne, Lord Krsna performed acamana, accepted a new sacred thread, and chanted mantras. He shone with great splendor.

63 Three times a day Lord Krsna bowed down to His father in Dvaraka. That was proper. It was not proper in Vraja. The father and son relationship in both places were different.

64 O Krsna, as the king and queen of Vraja daily meditated on You, so we have given these pictures of You. We have not invented anything.

65 Lord Krsna never deviated from His religious duties. Every morning He would please His father and mother by performing these duties.

66 His ornaments tinkling, Krsna went to His mother. Seeing that the gopis had come, He went to the kitchen.

67 When they saw Him, Yasoda and the gopis went to Krsna. A cow can approach her own calf but the other cows cannot.

68 Krsna devotedly bowed to her from afar. She stumbled as she ran to Him.

69 Mother Yasoda ran to Her son, held Him, smelled His head, and gazed at Him with tear-filled eyes.

70 Seeing Rohini and the other women of Vraja, women that loved Him as His mother loved Him, Lord Krsna respectfully bowed before them, and they sprinkled Him with the tears from their eyes.

71 Then Balarama, Madhumangala, and other friends came and worshiped Krsna. They were like a moon and many auspicious stars wonderfully shining in the daytime.

72 Then Krsna, Balarama, Yasoda, and the others all happily sat down. Tears filled the eyes of the friends of Krsna and Balarama.

73 Accompanied by their sons, the exalted brahmana ladies gave their blessings. Krsna and Balarama bowed before them, stood up, and did everything to please them.

74 Day after day the brahmana ladies and their sons came, blessed Krsna, gazed on Him, and showered Him with rice and flowers.

75 After worshipping the cows and calves, who all had silver hooves, gold horns, and many jewel ornaments, Lord Krsna gave them in charity to the brahmana boys.

76 Then Lord Krsna gave to His guests splendidly beautiful golden plates decorated with the nine kinds of jewels, plates like mirrors that gave a clear reflection of the holder's face.

77 Then Lord Krsna bowed down before the saintly brahmana ladies and their sons, praised them with the sweetest of words, and fulfilled their desires. In this way He brought happiness and auspiciousness to His mother.

78 Then Lord Krsna humbly bowed down before His aunts and cousins, worshipped them, gave them sitting places, and pleased them.

79 His auspicious morning duties now completed Lord Krsna took His friends to the breakfast room. Now He wished to eat.

80-86 O heart, please meditate on Krsna and Balarama, who are gracefully decorated with curly locks of hair, whose faces have no peer, who are splendidly fair and dark, the corners of whose playful eyes are reddish, whose foreheads are decorated with tilaka and curly locks of hair, whose noses are decorated with great pearls, whose cheeks are splendid with jewel earrings, who are glorious with jewel necklaces, whose handsome arms, decorated with jewel bracelets, armlets and rings, are flooded with waves of splendor, who wear belts glorious like Lord Nrsimhadeva Himself, who are decorated with hosts of flowers, who are more glorious than gold and dark monsoon clouds, who are flooded with the splendor of cintamani-jewel anklets, who sit facing each other, who glance at each other with eyes filled with festivals of happiness, whose forms are splendid like white camphor and dark clouds, whose backs are broad and graceful, who pleased Their mothers and friends with many wonderful joking words, whose handsome forms the young girls, pretending to look at other things, secretly gazed at from their windows, and who, having completed Their morning duties, now wished to eat breakfast.

87 Every day in this way Lord Krsna quickly took the cows to pasture. Thinking, УThe king of Vraja will send Our lunch,Ф Lord Krsnacandra ate only a light breakfast.

88 Krsna and His friends ate sweet-rice seasoned with sugar, camphor, and pepper. Enjoying as He ate, Krsna praised every bite.

89 Sri Radha cooked, Mother Rohini carried the finished dishes to Mother Yasoda, and Mother Yasoda served them to Krsna and His friends. For this reason Lord Krsna did not wish to leave the breakfast table for even a moment.

90 Gently smiling and very gently talking, the two mothers also served scented water. Gradually Krsna and Balarama lost Their hunger.

91 Speaking joking words, the two mothers encouraged the boys to continue eating. Lord Krsna gradually ended His breakfast pastimes and prepared to take the cows to the pastime forest.

92 Then Krsna and His friends washed their mouths with scented water, anointed their limbs with sandal paste, and made their mouths fragrant with betelnuts and camphor.

93 Dressing Him in the fine garments and ornaments used by His father, Mother Yasoda made her son very splendid in the eyes of the people.

94 Mother Yasoda bathed Her son's sapphire-splendid form in the golden color of splendid garments. As she gazed at how she had decorated Him, nectar flowed from her eyes and breasts.

95 Wearing a peacock feather and holding a jewel flute and a golden stick, Krsna pleased everyone's eyes.

96 Whatever could be said about Krsna could also be said about Balarama. Yasoda and Rohini are equals. Look! The love they bear for their sons is the same.

97 Every day as Krsna was about to go to the forest, Mother Yasoda would make offerings of a cup of water and a lamp, perform arati, and perform many auspicious rituals for His safety.

98 In His heart eager to depart for the forest, Krsna approached His mother and with folded hands bowed before her. She touched Him with her hand. Nectar flowed from her eyes and breasts. She said:

99 I will go with you to the forest. I will, cook Your lunch and give it to You while it is still hot. Child, You are very wise. Why are You embarassed?

100 If You say, УWho will take care of the house?Ф, Then I say one day Rohini will go with You and I will stay home, and the next day I will go and Rohini will stay home.

101 Child, why do You say I should stay at home bound up by household duties? Why should I not go with You to the forest? Ask the others what they think.

102 Day after day our son goes to the forest and we, His parents, cannot leave this house. Child, Your parents are neither afraid nor embarrassed to follow You to the forest.

103 Hearing Mother Yasoda's words, Lord Balarama smiled, shed a tear, bowed His head, and gently said:

104 O mother, if mother and father become young and fit again, then this would be a good arrangement. It is right for the young to stay both at home and in the forest.

105 O mother, please know that herding the cows is only the pretext we use to go to the forest. The truth is that we boys go to the forest to play.

106 O mother, we happily eat the four kinds of food you send to us in the forest. We go there to eat the forest-fruits sweeter than nectar.

107 I go to the forest to kill Vraja's enemies. Then I come back to the village of Vraja. No one in Vraja sees that I kill them. O mother, why should you be afraid?

108 When I am gone the cows eat grass and wait for My return. They are very saintly and peaceful at heart.

109 Then the noble ladies of the village, tears in their eyes, said to Mother Yasoda, УIt is most auspicious that you perform your daily duties. That is the best thing for you to do.Ф

110 Then the noble ladies blessed the boy Krsna. Mother Yasoda hugged Him and very gently let Him go.

111 Mother Yasoda touched her son, taught Him, yearned after Him, approached Him, became stunned with love for Him, became happy in His company, and caressed Him in many ways. She never became tired of associating with her son.

112 Bound with ropes of love, Mother Yasoda and noble women of Vraja followed the boy Krsna as He left the palace.

113 When Krsna departed, Mother Yasoda went back into the palace and passed the day engaged in her household duties. Now I will meditate on the pastimes of Sri Radha.

114 From the time that Krsna was at His mother's side to the time that He left for the forest, Radha and Her friends gazed at Krsna through the filigreed windows. Again and again they were overcome with love for Him and again and again they tried to hide the symptoms of their love.

115 Approaching noble Yasoda, and becoming busy in cooking heavenly foods for Her beloved, Radha became filled with happiness. Her pastimes throw me into an ocean of sweet nectar. Ah! How can I swim in that ocean?

116 Radha ate breakfast with Yasoda and the gopis. With both ears Radha heard Krsna's pastimes. With smiling eyes Radha glanced at Her friends. These pastimes fill my thoughts.

117 As He left for the forest the glory of many splendid garments

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