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covered Lord Krsna's form. Sri Radha's sidelong glance also covered Lord Krsna's form. The garments and the glance competed for the right to cover Lord Krsna.

118 As Krsna was going to the forest, the khanjana birds of Sri Radha's eyes yearned to leave Her body and fly with Krsna to the forest.

119 When lotus-eyed Krsna descended to the courtyard, His smiles showering nectar in all directions, peerlessly splendid Radha, hidden among Her friends, made Her eyes worship Him with folded hands.

120 After Krsna had left the palace, Radha stayed with the older gopis. Then Radha and Her friends headed by Lalita returned to their own homes. The time passed with great difficulty.

121 Radha was the first to see Krsna from the window. She told all Her friends. She was overcome with yearnings. Her eyes could find no peace.

122 With Her friends help She made a garland for Lord Krsna. Although She spent the time singing peerless sweet songs about Lord Krsna's glories, She could find no peace.

123 She wore musk tilaka, sapphire earrings, and garments dark like a monsoon cloud. Her complexion was Lord Krsna's yellow garments. She burned with love for Lord Krsna.

124 Lord Krsna had left His mother's palace. With crooked words beautiful-eyebrowed Radha gave orders to the eunuchs that, anointed with friendship for Her, gaurded the women's quarters.

125 She said to them: Please go to Our master, Krsna, and worship His lotus feet for Us. You will be our representatives.

126 One of you go to Our master, see His pastimes, and then return to Us. One of the gaurds fulfilled this request, saw Krsna, returned, and said to Radha:

127-130 Krsna went to His father's assembly-house, which is praised by the brahmanas, which is a great sky filled with light by the suns of Vraja's cowherd people worshiped by Lord Siva himself, where every direction is filled with auspicious sounds of sweet-voiced brahmanas reciting the Vedas and many poets reciting prayers, where there is great happiness created by singers, dancers and musicians learned in the arts taught by Bharata Muni, and where there are many relatives on Krsna's father's and the mother's side. Accompanied by Balarama, Krsna flooded all eyes with the nectar of His splendid handsomeness. Then all the worlds became filled with sounds of УGlory! Glory! Glory!Ф

131 When Krsna entered the elders rose from their seats. They became like a great river of love flowing to the ocean of Krsna.

133 Krsna bowed down to everyone together and everyone individually, one by one. With both arms, with lotus hands, and with many glances, He embraced everyone.

133 The people of Vraja humbly think themselves lowly and unqualified. Even so, the great demigod Brahma praised them, saying they were the friends of Lord Krsna.

134 Because in the past they performed many pious deeds the people of Vraja are now able to gaze on the sapphire that is Lord Krsna and the diamond that is Lord Balarama.

135 His throat choked with tears, King Nanda could not speak. Aware of the love in Nanda's heart, Lord Krsna, His own smiling eyes also filled with tears, said:

136 O father, even though there is no danger in the forest of Vraja, and even though the cows return from the forest of their own accord, We boys nevertheless continue to herd the cows in the forest. The real reason we go to the forest is so that we may play there.

137 Headed by Upananda, the people of the assembly said to Lord Krsna: Your father is the life of Vraja's people, and You are the life of him. What more need we say. You already know everything.

138 Seeing some beggars, and wishing to please his son, King Nanda gave them abundant charity. They responded by giving limitless blessings to Nanda's son, Krsna. Even Krsna could not find blessings equal to what they spoke.

139 With folded hands Krsna begged to be allowed to go to the forest. Seeing His eagerness, and after first having the brahmanas recite auspicious mantras from the vedas, the people of Vraja brought Lord Krsna to the place where the cows stayed.

140 From far away they could see the cows. The cows did not come. Then Krsna and the gopas approached the cows. Seeing Krsna and the boys approach, the cows, thinking them to be like their own calves, mooed and ran to them.

141 Making sounds of Уjihi jihiФ, the cows went to the forest. Following the scent of Lord Krsna's limbs, they happily walked behind.

142 The older cowherd people followed behind. Krsna showed His anxiety at this. Understanding Krsna's heart, the older cowherd people, tears choking their throats, turned back.

143 After speaking words of instruction, Father Nanda turned to go. Nanda could not help but use his glances to worship Lord Krsna.

144 King Nanda and the people of Vraja somehow returned to their homes. Still, they could not help turning their eyes to try and see Krsna.

145 Gazing on Him with shining eyes, Krsna's elders blessed Him. Krsna bowed down before them, and then went deep into the forest.

146 Wandering with His brother and friends in the forest, Krsna gave the cows a place to rest. Then, with the sweet sounds of His flute calling the cows, Krsna again wandered on whatever path pleased Him.

147 Accompanied by Balarama and the boys, Krsna wandered in the delightful forest, where He met many trees, vines, deer, and cuckoos, as well as many other birds.

148 Krsna, Balarama, and the boys imitated the movements of the bees, cuckoos, peacocks, birds, monkeys, deer, and other creatures. Then the boys played music and happily danced.

149 With many different pastimes the boys pleased Krsna. Each boy pleased Him in his own way.

150 The very intelligent boys worshiped Lord Krsna with many crooked pastimes. Poetically speaking the joking words of a buffoon, they made Krsna laugh.

151 Sometimes, speaking sweet words and displaying good and noble character, they make Lord Krsna melt with fraternal love. Other times, expertly propounding the most illogical views in long-winded mock debates, they fill Lord Krsna with wonder.

152 Their hearts filled with love with a host of wonderful virtues, again and again, and in many different ways, the boys pleased Lord Krsna.

153 On some days Your beloved Krsna goes to the Manasa-ganga on Govardhana Hill, and on other days He enjoys pastimes in the water and by the shore of the Yamuna.

154 Sometimes Krsna and His friends go to Bhandiravana and sometimes they enjoy pastimes in other forests, by the Yamuna, or in other places.

155 With the sweet music of his flute your beloved makes the demigods and the birds tremble. Even more wonderful, He makes the unconscious beings and the lifeless objects tremble also.

156 If by sounding His flute Your master, Krsna, calls the cows to the water, the sweet flute-sound makes the cows stunned with ecstasy, and they stand motionless with half-chewed cud in their mouths. The flute-sound even makes the water become stunned, and for a moment it is no longer liquid but hard like stone.

157 Seeing that on a hill with no streams or lakes the cows have become thirsty, Your master plays His flute. The flute-music makes the hill melt in ecstasy, providing water for the cows.

158 Lord Krsna calls the cows by playing their names on His flute. Do they come to Him because they recognize their names in the flute-music? or are they merely attracted by the sweet sound?

159 One time, at midday, in the summer, in a place without any shade, Krsna played His flute and created clouds that gently sprinkled water on the cows.

160 One day, His heart melting with kindness, Krsna played His flute. The flute music made the hills melt, and Krsna left His footprint in a momentarily softened stone there.

161 Sometimes He turns His flute into a boat and ferries the cows and gopas across a river. The sweet flute-music makes the river become stunned and hardened, and then the cows and gopas wonderfully walk to the other side.

162 Sometimes poets glorify this pastime of the melting stones and other pastimes like it. In this way the readers of sweet poetry become aware of Lord Krsna's pastimes. Still, how is it possible to say everything about Lord Krsna's pastimes.

163 Sometimes Your beloved arranges for sporting fights, or between His friends, or between the bulls or the buffaloes. One fighter defeats the other. Seeing the victory and the defeat, Your beloved smiles and laughts.

164 Sometimes Krsna likes to wear colorful garments. Sometimes He likes a crown and royal upper and lower garments. Sometimes He likes the garments of a dancer. Sometimes He likes the garments of a wrestler.

165 Sometimes Krsna enjoys wrestling pastimes and sometimes He gracefully dances with His friends. I do not think these two pastimes are different. They are both wonderfully graceful.

166 They would play like deer, pretend to fight with beaks like birds, play games of closing their eyes, and hurl joking insults at each other. After they had played many games they would stop, eat lunch, and, for a moment, forget about playing.

167 Tired after enjoying many games with His friends, Krsna enjoyed a nap. The boys fanned Him and served Him in many ways. He was happy and He made the boys happy.

168 As these pastimes of Lord Krsna entered their ears, Radha and the gopis could hear the sound of Krsna's flute. Again and again they heard that music.

169 Hearing the flute-music, Radha and Her friends were overwhelmed with love for Lord Krsna. Again and again and again they lamented their separation from Him.

170 Then some of the gopis said: Why are we so dejected? Why, in our suffering, have we forgotten Yasoda's request to us?

171 Merciful Yasoda and Rohini gave us the way to fulfill our desires. We should adopt it.

172 First there is breakfast. Then, at one and half praharas there is another meal, at four praharas there is another meal, and in the evening there is the last meal.

173 His mother prepares His breakfast, His friends prepare the next meal, His father and elders prepare the meal at four praharas, and You prepare the evening meal.

174 Krsna has now come to the outskirts of Vraja village. On some pretext he will meet with you all and make you happy.

175 Quickly go and prepare His meal. King Nanda has already eaten. Now he orders you to prepare a meal for his son.

176 Thus, on King Nanda's order the gopis prepared many delicious foods and carried them on their heads to the outskirts of Vraja village.

177 The boys, who were born in the same families as the gopis, happily ran in front of, behind, and to the left and right of the gopis.

178 O heart, look at these pastimes of Krsna's happily eating lunch and playing in the forest! Do you see them? These pastimes make great sages speak words that are the sweetest poetry.

179 Who are the great sages? The great sages are they who are at every moment enchanted by hearing about Krsna, who is Himself charmed by the virtues of Sri Radha.

180 Krsna and His friends saw the gopis and the gopis saw Them. The boys were immersed in playing and gave no thought to eating lunch.

181 Seeing this, Madhumangala at once said: If you are not too immersed in playing games, then look before you. How can our hunger not be important?

182 The boys smiled and said: We don't need lunch. Lunch is a useless thing.

183 Laughting again and again, Krsna and the boys formed a circle, washed their feet, hands, and mouths, and enjoyed the pastime of eating lunch.

184 Dressed in splendid silk garments and surrounded by His friends, Lord Krsna was eager to enjoy His pastimes of lunch.

185 Like lotus flowers worshipping the moon, the gopis worshiped Krsna. Like cakora birds gazing at the moon, the gopis gazed with smiling eyes at Krsna. They were filled with wonder.

186 As the boys looked on, Madhumangala sat among them, spoke many joking words, and served them the six kinds of foods that comprised the lunch.

187 Tears in their eyes, the women of Vraja fed the boys. With every bite He took or gave to His friends, Krsna became filled with bliss.

188 With every mouthful of delicious food cooked with fragrant ghee they gave, the noble gopis became filled with bliss.

189 The nimbas and other all-delicious fruits were brought for desert. In this way Krsna and the boys enjoyed moment after moment.

190-197 Krsna and Balarama happily ate the lunch of delicious, fragrant, ripe coconut seasoned with pepper and other spices, warm, slightly salty mudga beans, splendid, fragrant rice cooked in fragrant ghee and mixed with fragrant saffron, many kinds of bitter, sour, and pungent foods, cooked in different ways and brought from home, pleasantly bitter soup of canaka, kalaya, masa, and mudga beans, many kinds of fruits, leaves, and vegetables, bitter amalaki fruits cooked in ghee and spiced with cumin seeds, many kinds of pleasantly bitter and sour foods, thick yogurt, capatis cooked with ghee, delicious thick sugared milk, mango juice that defeated the taste of nectar, and scented water, all of this mixed with the affectionately angry playful words of Mother Yasoda and the playful mock debate of the circle of friends. When everyone had finished eating, the servants happily ate what remained.

198 Accompanied by His friends, Lord Krsna again and again enjoyed six kinds of delicious foods. In this way He satisfied everyone's desire.