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Verse 13

Feeling myself blessed by the mercy of lord Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and remembering His merciful words, while being absorbed in the remembrance if His transcendental glories I was immersed in an ocean of transcendental bliss. At that time I could not understand my actual condition.

Verse 14

On the strength of the mercy of Lord Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu I have decided to write something. Using my intelligence I have considered the truth of devotional service and although considering myself a fool I have written in my own hand, sometimes in verse and sometimes in prose, this supremely auspicious "Bhajanamrta."

Verse 15

In this Kali Yuga the great paramahamsa perfect devotees who have descended to this universe in order to purify it have blessed me with their remnants which I have accepted. As I am strictly following in the footsteps of these liberated souls this work is completely purified with their blessings.

Verse 16

At the outset of this work my humble prayer is that all pure, non-envious devotees of Lord Sri Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead may listen to these authorized words as I have heard them from the great Vaisnava authorities of the disciplic succession.

Verse 17

It is well known from the authorized Vedic literatures that in this Kali Yuga, through the power of the holy name of Lord Sri Krishna, all Vaisnavas are equal and qualitatively noon-different from Lord Krsna. However, it is seen that amongst the Vaisnavas that sometimes in some places some Vaisnavas appear greater or lesser. In such cases how is it to be understood?

Verse 18

Amongst all of the assembled Vaisnavas there is the initiating guru and the instructing guru. In regard to them what type of behavior is authorized.?

Verse 19-27

not included (see introduction)

Verse 28

Now listen to the authorized conclusions of the previous authorities.

Verse 29

It is certainly true that all Vaisnavas are on the same transcendental platform. However, although amongst Vaisnavas there may be a difference in spiritual strength, how will the less intelligent materially attached sense-gratifiers, who become afraid justly seeing the horrifying appearance of beggar mendicants, ascertain the actual strength of a saintly person? Since they cannot distinguish between a lesser spiritual force and a greater spiritual force, they do not know how to deal appropriately with different saintly persons. Therefore they treat every one the same. Since they don't know how to distinguish the specific character of greater spiritual personalities from lesser spiritual personalities rather than risk their destruction for neglecting a potentially spiritual personality they treat everyone on the same level.

Verse 30

However all those practicing Vaisnavas progressing on the path of devotional service, who have heard and understood the conclusion of the revealed sastras and are therefore endowed with special intelligence are able to recognize who is more spiritually powerful and who is less spiritually powerful. Those who are expert in the science of devotional service can understand in whose body what quantity of Krsna's spiritual potency is present. Being able to understand who has less spiritual potency and who has more spiritual potency, they offer special treatment considering the scriptural injunctions in this regard.

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