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Verse 31

If one can distinguish between the greater or lesser spiritual strength of a person but does not accordingly offer respect, then that person shall be held guilty for that offense.

Verse 32

For the reason mentioned before, if two Vaisnavas come at the same time, one of greater strength, one of lesser spiritual strength, first one has to offer respect to the Vaisnava of greater strength then offer to the Vaisnava of lesser strength.

Verse 33

Should the respect due to a Vaisnava of greater strength or to a Vaisnava of lesser strength be offered at the same level if they come at a different time? Equal respect should not be offered to both even if they are not present at the same time.

Verse 34

If a volcano type of fire is burning, the wise man will not first put out.......first one has to be able to extinguish the volcano fire then a candle of deep light can easily be extinguished. Similarly if one is able to appropriately receive and respect Vaisnavas possessed of great spiritual force to their satisfaction, then on shall easily be able to satisfy those Vaisnavas of lesser potency.

Verse 35

If a person of small spiritual advancement sees a great devotee endowed with considerable spiritual potency being worshipped and given respect, should the less advanced person become angry upon seeing this? For this offence against the more advanced person's spiritual position the foolish offender will ruin whatever spiritual potency he possesses. Subsequently, in the future, such angry persons simply plan how they can punish those who have participated in such worship.

Verse 36

Those who are well-versed in all of these matters, having heard properly from authorities, those Vaisnavas who are enthusiastically engaged in worshipping the Supreme Personality of Godhead and all those transcendentalists who are practicing the spiritual path, know the truths in regard to these matters. However, in spite of knowing these truths, if they do not appropriately offer worship, then they will be spiritually ruined. However, if they consider the respective spiritual strength or lack of strength and accordingly offers respect then they will certainly advance in Krsna Consciousness.

Verse 37

For those who take shelter of the great Sumeru mountain what can others do to harm them? Others should offer them worship as devotees with respect and service.

Verse 38

One should never engage in criticizing a Vaisnava or neglecting a Vaisnava even in joking. For Vaisnavas are so glorious that there is nothing to regret even if one sacrifices ones life for their benefit.

Verse 39

No one should find fault with a Vaisnava for his activities or behavior. What person is free from the influence of Kali Yuga or has perfect pure behavior and action?

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