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Vers 50

For this reason, in all circumstances all Vaisnava are offered respect like of offers respect to one's spiritual master. However, with body, mind and words one serves one's own spiritual master.

Verse 51

Even if the performance of ones's devotional activities one has disobeyed the spiritual master, still one should not give him up, but should remain faithfully with him, because all authorities say that the shelter of one's own spiritual master is best and perfect (even if another spiritual master is more powerful).

Verse 52

Kindly understand this example:
    Just as one respects one's father as a guru, his (the father's) older and younger brothers are also similarly respected, but nonetheless, the father is worthy of the most respect. Not withstanding the above, if the father's guru, even if he is family related, comes,one should double the respect, as he is the spiritual father of the father, or the guru of the guru. He is offered twice the puja or respect.

This behavior if recognized as appropriate by all authorities.

Verse 53

Just as if, during daily life, the brothers (older or younger) of the father criticize him, still one takes shelter of one's father, similarly, one remains under the shelter of one's own spiritual master, even if he is criticized by his older or younger god brothers. Just as one depends upon one's father for one's livelihood, one must depend upon the strength of the spiritual master for advancing in devotional service.

Verse 54

If a father or spiritual master or husband are not possessed of outstanding qualities even then they are always worshipable.

Verse 55

Taking shelter of the above-mentioned persons one may even disagree with those senior to oneself.

Verse 56

In this world, what kind of person is there who can remain alive at the expense of his father's or guru's defamation or disgrace?

Verse 57

Everyone considers that if their spiritual master is very powerful then he himself is powerful but that if his spiritual master is less powerful, then he is, therefore weaker, and according to the attitude of the spiritual master the disciple gains the same attributes. Those disciples who are intelligent can understand the desires of the spiritual master directly through their intelligence. Other disciples, two are less intelligent understand by directly hearing instructions from the spiritual master. These activities are being practiced since time immemorial.

Verse 58

Learned Vaisnava authorities say that these instructions are the perfection of religiosity.

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