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Verse 59

If the spiritual master commits a wrongful act breaking Vaisnava relative principles then in that case one should in a solitary place, confront him for his rectification using logic and appropriate conclusions from sadhu, sastra and guru references, but one is not to give him up.

Verse 60

One should not be hesitant or fearful because one is confronting or challenging a spiritual master.

"For it has been prescribed that one must appropriately discipline even a spiritual master who is: *bewildered about what he should or shouldn't do; *who is inexperienced or ignorant: *who has deviated from the Krsna conscious path; *or if he is bewildered by false pride."

Verse 61

This statement of the revealed scriptures is applicable at all times and under all circumstances.

Verse 62

The natural behavior of the Vaisnava devotees is to take complete refuge of Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, accepting Him as their principal and real shelter. The very life of the Vaisnava devotees of the Lord is singing the glories or Lord Sri Krsna, describing and expanding the fame of Lord Sri Krsna, and discussing the nectar of His transcendental pastimes.

Verse 63

The authorized course of action is to continue, as before, with one's prescribed devotional service. One may take guidance through or instructions from the Vaisnavas, as all Vaisnavas are considered guru or "spiritual master," or one may use one's own intelligence, duly considering the relevant instructions from sadhu, sastra and guru. In all cases one should continue in one's devotional service.

Verse 64

However, if the spiritual master:

*acts envious towards 'isvarebrantah', that which is
connected with the Supreme;
*is bewildered regarding the Supreme Personality of
*is averse to expanding the fame of Lord Krsna;
*personally refuses to accept hearing or chanting about
the glorious pastimes of Lord Sri Krsna;
*has become totally bewildered, listening to the false
praise of ignorant persons and day by day is more
materially contaminated and fallen
then the spiritual master must be renounced.

Verse 65

Under those circumstances one should not doubt, "How can I give up my spiritual master?" With a strong desire for achieving spontaneous devotional service and attaining the lotus feet of Lord Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, a devotee accepts the shelter of a spiritual master, if that spiritual master takes on "asuric" qualities or a demoniac mentality then it is one's duty to reject such a demon "asura" guru and in his place accept a Krsna conscious spiritual master and worship him.

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