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65 Let me live in a terrible cage of fire! I shall never associate with those averse to Lord Caitanya's lotus feet! My heart has no desire to go to Vaikuntha or any other auspicious place if for a single moment I could not taste the pollen of the lotus flower of Lord Caitanya's feet.

66 I may become famous in this world, or I may attain wonderful mystic powers, or by worshipping Lord Visnu I may attain a handsome four-armed spiritual form like His. Still, if these things separated me from devotional service to Lord Gaura, my heart would not love them.

67 O Lord Caitanya, O merciful one, O supremely generous one, O Lord who fills the hearts of the living entities with the different mellows of devotional love, O wonderfully splendid Lord, O golden-complexioned Lord, O ocean of transcendental virtues, O personified nectar of devotional service, O Lord who is fond of chanting His own holy names, I pray that without ever becoming fatigued I may pass my life always chanting Your holy names in this way.

68 O Lord Krsna, Your golden form is the life of the devotees. It is the philanthropist that gives in charity the nectar of pure love of God. When shall I whole-heartedly love this golden form? When, because I have finally understood the secret of this golden form, will the splendour of Srimati Radharani's jewel toenails shine in my heart?

69 I meditate on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who bears the name Caitanya. He wears a garland of fully blossomed damanaka flowers. He pleases everyone. He enjoys pastimes in a secluded garden. He continually chants the holy names of Lord Krsna. He is the abode of compassion. His fair complexion is as effulgent as gold.

70 I pray that my mind may always remember Lord Gauranga, the sannyasi whose eyes are like two bumblebees drawn to the glistening lotus flower of Lord Jagannatha's face in the festive city of Nilacala, who is tossed by great waves of ecstatic love of God, and who is the same Lord Krsna who appeared like Cupid to the doe-eyed girls of Vraja.

71 I take shelter of Lord Gaura Hari, who has accepted the saffron garment of a sannyasi, whose bodily hairs stand up in ecstasy, and whose handsome form is decorated with pearlike tears flowing from His lotus eyes.

72 When will Lord Gaura Hari, who is more handsome than Cupid, more purifying than the celestial Ganges, more cooling than the moon, more sweet than madhvika nectar, more generous than the desire creeper, and more affectionate than a mother, appear in my meditation, and lovingly place His lotus feet in my heart?

73 I pray that the merciful Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose complexion eclipses the splendour of millions of lightning flashes, whose hips are covered with a charming manjistha flower coloured saffron cloth, and who delights this universe by again and again flooding it with the sweetest nectar of pure love of Krsna, may become very dear to me.

74 Will Lord Gaura, whose splendour condemns millions and millions of Cupids, whose handsome face eclipses millions and millions of rising autumn moons, and whose generosity makes millions and millions of desire trees seem insignificant, place His lotus feet in my heart after I have accumulated pious deeds in millions and millions of births?

75 I pray that the splendid moonlight of Lord Caitanyacandra, which violently uproots the darkness in the hearts of the entire world, which brings limitless tidal waves to the nectar ocean of the bliss of pure love of Krsna, and which brings coolness to the universe burning day and night in the threefold miseries of material existence, may shine in our hearts.

76 Plunged into Radha's lamentation in separation from Krsna, at one moment He would become emaciated and devastated. Thinking that Lord Krsna had appeared before Him, at another moment He would become chubby with happiness, at another moment shed tears of joy, at another moment smile at another moment become very cool. Burning in the fire of separation from Lord Krsna, at another moment He would become feverish. Thinking that He saw Lord Krsna in the distance, at another moment he would run after Him. Considering that he had just touched Krsna, He would become stunned with bliss. At one moment He would talk as if Krsna were present, and at another moment He would become silent. I pray that Lord Gaura, the golden form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, may appear in my heart.

77 He does not consider whether a person is qualified or not. He does not see who is His own and who is an outsider. He does not consider who should receive and who not. He does not consider whether it is the proper time. The Lord at once gives that nectar of pure devotional service that is difficult to attain even by hearing the message of the Lord, seeing the Deity, offering obeisances, meditating, or following a host of spiritual practices. That Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Gaurahari, is my only shelter.

78 Even the greatest sinners, even the lowest of men, even men of the basest character, even those in the vanguard of sinful acts, even the dog eaters, even those whose hearts are filled with sinful desires, even those born or residing in sinful countries, and even those destroyed by bad company have all been rescued by the mercy of Lord Gaura. Let me take shelter of Lord Gaura.

79 Leaving the charming forest by the shore of the Yamuna and entering a flower garden by the shore of the salt-water ocean, and rejecting His yellow garment and accepting a saffron cloth, Lord Hari has now concealed His own bodily lustre and manifests a golden complexion. Let me take shelter of that golden Lord Hari.

form, which creates auspiciousness for the entire world, you still cannot hope to attain the splendid nectar of pure love of Krsna if the merciful glance of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu does not fall upon you.

83 O brother, please do not act in this reckless way. Because you have not taken shelter of Lord Gauranga's lotus feet, the devotees who have become intoxicated by drinking the nectar of the mellows of pure devotional service to Lord Krsna are everywhere laughing at all your endeavours. O brother, please listen to this secret: Lord Gauranga is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and He is the object of the pure love of God described in all Vedic scriptures.

84 "I have no power to understand the path of krsna-bhakti, which makes one averse to impersonal speculation and non devotional yoga, and I have no contact with saintly spiritual masters. Alas! Alas! alas! Of whom can I take shelter."

"O fool, has the name Gaura Hari never entered your ears?"

85 Give up all useless material duties! Do not allow a single word of the impersonalist theory to enter your ears! Give up all illusions about your material body and the family and paraphernalia in relation to it. Taking shelter of the mercy of Lord Gaura, please attain the very wonderful and sweet crest-jewel of all human endeavours.

86 What is the use of studying many scriptures? What is the use of going on pilgrimage to holy places. Fear women who are like tigers! Spit on the opulences of Svargaloka! Know that all material benefits are as worthless as a handful of straw! Instead of chasing after them please taken shelter of Lord Gauranga, who is dressed in the garments of a sannyasi, and who, intoxicated by tasting the nectar of krsna-prema, dances by the shore of the sea.

87 What good will come from practising the difficult yoga paths? Give them up! Instead, please plunder the treasure house of pure love for the lotus feet of Lord Krsna. If you aspire to attain the wonderful festival of pure love for Lord Krsna, which even Siva, Brahma, and all the demigods cannot attain, then please become devoted to the inconceivably glorious and magnanimous Lord Gaura.

88 When a pious person attains devotion to the lotus feet of Lord Gaura, the ocean of nectar from the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani suddenly floods his heart.

89 Within Lord Caitanya's lotus feet, which are worshipped by Brahma, and Siva, the shoreless nectar ocean of the confidential mellows of splendid pure love of Krsna rests. The saintly devotees should always meditate on these feet, take shelter of them, become intoxicated with love for them, and chant their glories.

90 I take a straw in my mouth. I fall down at your feet and flatter you. O sir, you are such a great and intelligent man. There is no one greater than you. You are so intelligent, rich, and beautiful. You may ask, "Why are you so humble? Why are you flattering me? what is your intention? Tell me." O you are a great sadhu. You have learned so many nice things, I know, but kick them out, please. Whatever nonsense rascaldom you have learned, whatever hogwash things are in your brain, kick them all out. Throw them all far away and place all your love in the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga.

91 Liberation is not difficult to attain, and devotional service to Lord Krsna is not very difficult to attain, but even in Vaikunthaloka the mercy of Lord Gauracandra is very rare and difficult to attain.

92 May the devotees worship the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya. May they become filled with the nectar of pure devotional service. May they delight and astonish the three worlds with their charming sweetness, good fortune, compassion, tolerance, and other virtues.

93 If one's heart is set on crossing beyond the ocean of repeated birth and death, if one's heart relishes the sweet nectar of krsna-sankirtana, and if one's heart yearns to swim and sport in the ocean of pure love of Krsna, then one should take shelter of Lord Gauracandra's feet.

94 Where are knowledge, renunciation, devotion and other virtues equal to those that are the property of the devotees of Lord Caitanya's lotus feet?

95 If this dull and lifeless world does not worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Caitanya, who is worshipped by the greatest demigods, then it will find death and rebirth staring at it from every turn.

96 King Indra is like a menial servant to one who yearns to attain the feet of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. What shall we say, then, about the tiny, insectlike kings of this world?

97 Why should a devotee who aspires to attain the service of Lord Krsna Caitanya beg at the door of a king? Who would be such a fool that even after attaining a priceless cintamani jewel, he would travel a great distance with much more trouble to get a silver trinket?

98 Many may remain in the mountains absorbed in meditation on impersonal Brahman, many may diligently follow the regimen of yoga and attain many mystic powers, and many others, intoxicated by learning, heroic strength, wealth, and the other false opulences of this world, may speak much nonsense, but who in this world will dance, mad with ecstasy of pure love of Krsna, if he has not received the mercy of Lord Gaura?

99 If the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Gaura, is merciful to me, and for this reason I consider the impersonalists of Varanasi to be very unimportant, then why should I go on a pilgrimage to Gaya to offer pinda to the ancestors? If Lord Gaura is merciful and my personal liberation does not weigh even as heavily as a fraction of any ounce to me, then why should I become interested in material piety, economic development, and sense gratification? If Lord Gaura is merciful and I have not even the slightest fear of hell, then why should I be filled with anxiety over the well-being of my wife, children, friends and relatives?

trees, more profound than millions of oceans, sweeter than millions of sudha, ksira, and madhvika nectars, and filled with millions of wonderful sentiments of the nectar of pure love for Lord Krsna.

102 All glories to Lord Gaura, who became like a madman, displaying His wonderful transcendental opulences in the company of Brahma, Siva, and the other dancing devotees who were plunged into the waves of love for His lotus feet.

103 All glories to Lord Sri Sri Sacinandana! His deep voice is like the roaring of millions of suns. He is more cooling than millions of moons. His motions defeat the gracefulness of millions of maddened elephants. His holy name rescues millions of misguided people. He is the master of Brahma and millions of demigods. Because He is the origin of the impersonal Brahman He is the splendid crest-jewel worshipped by millions of monists.

104 All glories to the splendid lamp of Navadvipa, which, shining with the oil of transcendental love destroys the darkness in the cave of the heart and illuminates the barren, thorn filled, impassable and treacherously winding path that leads to the swiftly flowing nectar stream of the bliss of pure love of Krsna.

105 Burning the moths of false logic from far away, as cooling as millions of moons, shining with transcendental sweetness, removing the darkness in both the outside world and the heart, and its wick splendid with the oil of love, the splendid, golden, and wonderful lamp of Navadvipa mercifully shines in this world at every moment.

106 Filling the ten directions with His loud calls, placing white kunda and kairava flowers in the skies with the splendid waves of His loud laughter, overwhelmed by the flood of the nectar of pure love of Krsna, and all His limbs trembling like a banyan tree moving in the wind, Lord Gaurahari appears very splendid as He dances like a madman.

107 Gracefully dancing, spotless, free from all impurities and crookedness, showering the nectar of pure love of Krsna which extinguishes the threefold sufferings of all living entities, its splendid effulgence tasted by the cakora birds of the devotees' hearts, and now risen from the milk ocean of Saci's womb, the moon of Lord Gaurangacandra splendidly shines in this world.

108 Again and again shedding tears that glided down the corners of His pale cheeks, again and again emitting long sighs, and plaintively calling out, "Alas! Alas!" a fair complexioned person is now plunged in the vraja-gopis' feelings of love in separation from Lord Krsna.

109 Sometimes His form is the colour of molten gold, sometimes He becomes a splendid cowherd boy, sometimes He manifests various wonderful pastimes, and sometimes Lord Gaurangacandra becomes Sri Sri Radha and Krsna.


fallen into the raging river of fruitive deeds, have been rescued and are situated on the firm ground, even the great boulders have melted, and even those whose hearts were fixed in non-devotional yoga are dancing in the ecstasy of Love of Krsna.

113 Now that the moon of Lord Caitanyacandra has revealed the path of pure devotional service, the materialists have given up talking about their wives, children, and material affairs, the scholars have given up debating the scriptures, the yogis have given up the trouble to control the breath, the ascetics have given up their austerity, and the impersonalists have given up impersonalism. Now there is only the sweetness of pure devotional service. Now nothing else is sweet.

114 In every home there is a tumult of hari-sankirtana. On every body are tears, hairs standing erect, and other symptoms of ecstasy. In every heart is the most exalted and sweet spiritual path that leads far from the path of the four Vedas. All this has appeared now that Lord Gaura has descended to this world.

115 The whole world is now suddenly flooded by the nectar waters of the ocean of pure love for Krsna. Now there is suddenly a great wonder of symptoms of ecstatic love never seen or heard of before. All this has suddenly appeared now that Lord Krsna has descended in a form as splendid as gold.

116 In the past may scholars became extremely proud, thinking themselves the omniscient masters of all scripture, and many others thought they had become perfect by performing austerities or fruitive work. Sometimes, with an impure heart, someone would twice or thrice chant the holy names of Lord Hari. That was the past. Now that the moon of Lord Gauracandra has risen, everyone has attained pure love for Lord Krsna.

117 Now that the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose lotus feet the demigods aspire to serve, and who bears the name Caitanya, has descended to this world, the very sweet nectar waves of pure love for Krsna are flooding the entire world. Who is a child now? Who is an old man? Who is a fool? Who is a woman? Who is fallen and unfortunate? Everyone has attained the same destiny. Everyone has attained the same sweet nectar continually tasted by those devoted to Lord Hari's feet.

118 Now that Lord Gauracandra, the master of the nectar mellows of transcendental love, has descended to this earth, Siva, Narada, all the demigods, Laksmi-devi, Lord Balarama, the Vrsni dynasty, and the gopas and gopis of Vraja have all taken birth here.

119 Now that the golden complexioned Lord is distributing pure love of Krsna in this world, His servants, friends, and charming gopi lovers have all come to His lotus feet. They have now attained a priceless treasure of pure love of Krsna more valuable than anything they had possessed before.

120 Everywhere saintly men and women are laughing, the stonelike hearts of the materialists are melting, and the unlettered are eclipsing a host of learned atheist scholars. This is happening now that the most wonderful and glorious Sri Caitanya has descended to this earth.

121 Formerly the intelligence of even the greatest scholars was blunted and crippled. but now that Lord Caitanyacandra has mercifully descended to this world, who has not attained the most deep, exalted, splendid and sweet devotion to Lord Krsna?

122 Because they are very difficult to understand, Sukadeva Gosvami had only briefly hinted at the sweet amorous pastimes of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna in his description of the rasa dance in Srimad Bhagavatam. Now Lord Hari has descended to this world in a golden form to reveal the truth of these pastimes.

123 Some, headed by Uddhava, have attained the Lord's service, others have attained a glorious position like that of Sridama, others have become lotus-eyed girls in Vraja, and other very fortunate and intelligent persons have attained the lotus feet of Sri Radha. By the mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, what great good fortune has this world not attained?

124 In the past when even the greatest philosophers presented a host of arguments to support their mutually conflicting views, no one could be certain that any one view was correct. But now that the unlimitedly splendid and powerful moon of Lord Gaurangacandra has risen, who is not certain that pure devotion to Lord Hari is the ultimate meaning and purpose of the Vedas?

125 Let me meditate on the wonderful splendour of the candramani jewels of Lord Gaurangacandra's toenails. That splendour is now drowning the entire universe in the sweet nectar ocean of pure love of Krsna.

126 Although in the past many very pious and religious persons attained the great success of entering Vaikunthaloka, until the advent of Lord Caitanyacandra the world had never been flooded in this way with pure love of Krsna.

127 Even though a person may faithfully perform pious acts or render incomparable service to Lord Visnu, his heart may still remain as hard as iron. Still, by Lord Gauranga's mercy, even a person more sinful than a cow-killer may flood the universe with a stream of tears or pure love for Lord Krsna. Oh, when this happens, who can measure the intense happiness felt by golden Lord Gauranga?

128 Sometimes, assuming the role of Lord Krsna, He dances with many graceful motions. Sometimes, filled with Radha's love, He calls out: "Alas! Alas! Alas!" Sometimes He becomes like a crawling infant, and sometimes he becomes like a cowherd boy. In this way the profoundly glorious Lord Gaura astonishes the entire world.

129 A form of molten gold delights my heart. On the shore of the salt-water ocean that golden form plunges the entire world into the very sweet pastimes of Lord Krsna, who is the nectar ocean of love for the young gopis. Even in His childhood pastimes that golden form enchants the entire world.

130 On the pathways of whose ear had the wonderful words "pure love of Krsna" entered? Who had known the glories of the holy names? Who had entered the great sweetnesses of the forest of Vrndavana? Who had understood Sri Radha, who is filled with the most wonderful sweetness of the nectar of pure love for Krsna? It is only Lord Caitanyacandra

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