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Sri Dana-keli-cintamani
(The Cintamani Jewel of the Toll Pastime)

By Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami
(translated by Kusakratha Dasa)

1 May Sri Sri Gandharva-Giridhari's [Radha-Krsna's] intently playful quarrel over a toll of milk-products at the base of Govardhana Hill, where Their friends, filled with hundreds of desires for their friend's victory, spoke many clever, crooked words, protect you all.

2 Although I am blind, by the power of the effulgence of the pollen of Srila Rupa Gosvami's splendid lotus feet, I now take the eternally-new dana-keli pastime jewel created by the meeting of the flowing stream of Sri Radha and the ocean of Lord Giridhari, both very beautiful, and both filled with nectar waves of exalted joking words.

3 All glories to Sahara-grama, the residence of Upananda, the brother and intelligent minister of Gokula's king. Upananda's handsome and virtuous son is Subhadra, and Subhadra's highly qualified wife is Kundalata.

4 Near Subhadra's house is a splendid aromatic garden filled with many flowers, bees, birds and splendid trees. As she played in that garden, Kundalata asked her friend Sumukhi: "Where are Radha and Krsna now? What are They doing?"

5 When she drank the stream of these madhvika-nectar words flowing from the lotus flower of Kundalata's mouth and sweetened with the camphor of questions about Sri Sri Radha-Giridhari, eager, beautiful Sumukhi, filled with ecstasy and the hairs on her body upright, began to tell the news of Their pastimes.

6 "Affectionately attached to Balarama, his own son, and Krsna, his friend's son, Maharaja Vasudeva arranged that Bhagavan Bhaguri perform a Vedic sacrifice for Their benefit. Accompanied by many sages, Bhagavan Bhaguri lovingly performed that sacrifice at Govinda-kunda with great secrecy.

7 The pure-hearted gopis quickly arrived at that sacrificial arena and, taking the milk-products they carried on their heads, offered them to the sages. The sages were very pleased, and in reciprocation at once blessed them and gave them gifts of many jewel ornaments, in this way fulfilling all their desires.

8-10 When, staying at Her own lake [Radha-kunda], where the glistening, pure waters are filled with blossoming lotuses and lilies, and where all around are groves of many kinds of trees beautiful with many flowers filled with bees' humming, She heard from the mouth of the parrot Suksmadhi about the secret yajna, She became agitated at heart and, longing to go there, with Her dear gopi-friends bathed, decorated Herself with nice garments and ornaments, anointed Herself both with kunkuma and the oin tment of krsna-pranaya, with great purity worshipped the sun-god, passionately meditated on Krsna as the moon of Vraja shining in the sky of Her heart and, carrying a golden jar of aromatic ghee on Her head, Radhika jubilantly left Her lake [to attend the yajna].

11 O girl with beautiful teeth, [walking] on the pathways, smiling and smiling as She tells the news of Krsna [to Her friends], a puppet in love's hands, suffering from not seeing Her lover, and glancing again and again at affectionate Lalita and witty Visakha, She enjoys [speaking] crooked joking words to Her heart's content.

12-13 She saw the regal mountain proud of the touch of Lord Giridhari's hand, where are many trees with branches filled with splendid aromatic flowers making wandering bumblebees mad with the sweet taste of their pollen, many excellent fruits, roots, bulbs, luxuriant grasses, deer, sweetly singing birds, and many other creatures, and where in many places are jewel thrones, and in other places splendid mountain peaks, flowing mountain-streams,

14 Approaching Govardhana Hill, joyfully smelling the sweet aroma of ghee the great sages continually poured into the sacred fires, and by the nectar of happiness made eager to go quickly [to the sacrifice], She rebuked the heavy breasts and hips that forced Her to move slowly.

15-16 Learning of the gopis's imminent arrival from the parrot-king, Krsna smiled, assembled His priya-narma friends, and made a makeshift toll-booth from a black bench on Govardhana Hill. When Krsna saw smiling Radha, who wore a red sari and ornaments and carried on Her head a golden pot of ghee as She walked with the gracefulness of a regal swan in the company of Her gopi-friends who also carried pots of ghee, Krsna, the prince of gopas, said:

17 "A full moon comes before Me and turns My eyes into two cakora birds that live by drinking it's moonbeams. In this moon are two splendid bandhuka flowers disguised as lips. These two flowers have turned My eyes into two bumblebees eager to drink its honey. Here are also two round pomegranates disguised as breasts. These pomegranates have turned My eyes into two parrots eager to taste them. Who is this wonderful lotus flower that has appeared before Me? This lotus has transformed Me into a swan that passionately yearns to play among it's petals."

18 When lotus petal-eyed Sri Krsna came to understand that the being before Him was not a lotus flower but a beautiful young girl, His heart became agitated with love for Her. Filled with longing to attain Her and uncertain whether He could attain Her, He again spoke.

19 "Is this a blossoming campaka vine? No. Campaka vines are stationary, and this being moves. Is this a lightning flash? No. Lightning shines only for a moment in it's sky-borne cloud, and this being remains continually before Me. Is this a river with splendid waves? No. For rivers are formless, and this being has a very beautiful form."

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