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103 Sri Radha is the supreme heroine, expert at enjoying splendid transcendental pastimes. She is the thief that steals the great ruby that is the price of Vraja's thoughts. She is the great goddess of eloquence expert at speaking charming amorous words. Sri Radha, who is expert at making words dance, proceeded to quarrel with Lord Giridhari. She said:

104 "My Lord, You do not understand our position. We are not Your maidservants of slaves. Neither are we Your submissive Candravali or Your Padmika. You have arrested us in this solitary place deep in the frightening jungle, and on the pretext of collecting a toll You are plundering our wealth just as a highwayman."

105 Krsna then said: "My dear Radha, please do not uselessly quarrel in this way. Please understand how I am instructing You for Your own benefit and dutifully pay the toll. If the great king Kamadeva hears that You refused to pay the toll he will become angry and punish You severely. At that time I will not be responsible for Your sufferings."

106 Radha then said: "If Krsna has deceptively invented a toll that does not actually exist, I hereby declare that He will bear the curse of His beloved Candravali on His head."

Sumukhi then said: "O My friend, Kundalata, in this way the smiling actress Radha, who stays in the caves of Govardhana Hill, made the entire assembly burst into laughter with Her dancing words.

107 Krsna then said: "Your intimate friend Visakha is both intelligent and clear-thinking. Please confer with her and decide what is to be done. Do not follow the advice of wild, intoxicated Lalita."

108 Radha replied: "O moon among the monarchs of toll-collecting, I am delighted by Your wonderful words. I feel grateful to You and I wish to please You also in reciprocation. I will now please You by immediately bringing to this place the Garuda bird named Abhimanyu, who is very eager to personally see the dancing of the snake of Your charming boldness."
    Note: Abhimanyu is the name of Srimati Radharani's so-called husband. Garuda preys on snakes.

109 As soon as these words were spoken, beautiful Visakha, expert at joking and filled with all auspicious virtues, eagerly began to lead Radha to the village of Vraja, until she was violently checked by the villain Hari.

110 Citra-gopi then said: "My dear chaste friends, let us protect our religious principles from this libidinous rascal Krsna. Let us immediately run home, or let us flee to the sacrificial arena to offer these jars of ghee."

111 Hearing these words, Tungavidya raised her curved eyebrows and seemed to have become angry. She said: "O foolish Citra, who are you needlessly afraid of the words of this timid little cowherd boy?

112 "All glories to Sri Radha, the eternally victorious queen of Vrndavana forest. All glories to Lalita-devi, Her powerful prime minister. Just see, this brahmana clown Madhumangala wished to collect a toll-payment that would ruin Her forest. I will now bind this rascal with ropes and lead him away as my captive."

113 O friend Kundalata, when Madhumangala heard these words he became frightened, He, Subala, and all the cowherd boys assembled around Lord Krsnacandra, who laughed and spoke the following words in a great heroic voice:

114 "O best of brahmanas, do not fear. I am powerful as Lord Nrsimhadeva. Simply by seeing Me strong and violent Lalita and fearsome Tungavidya will quickly flee, leaving even their garments and ornaments behind."

115 Hearing this heroic statement, Lalita addressed Nrsimha-Krsna in the following words: "My dear Lord Nrsimha, the demon Hiranyakasipu has incarnated as the breasts of Candravali. Please scratch these terrible breasts with Your claws, and thus delight Your devotee Prahlada." When Lord Krsna heard these playful words He could not help but laugh out loud.

116 Krsna said: "My dear Radha, if You wish to gain great wealth, and many new ornaments at this sacrifice, then You and Your friends should go there immediately, and pay this toll at some other time. However, You must leave Lalita here as collateral to ensure that You return here to pay Your debt."

117 Radha said: "O seducer of young girls, because of what terrible past sin has destiny placed us in Your hands? Just see My fate! You are now forcing Me to place famous Lalita in Your hands."

118 My dear beautiful friend, when Lalita heard these words she became red with anger. Intoxicated by the nectar of transcendental mellows, she spoke the following crooked words to her gopi-friends:

119 "Sudevi should quickly go and bring the saintly Queen Yasoda! Without delay Citra should bring the crooked Jatila and her son Abhimanyu! Vrnda should at once bring a learned brahmana from the sacrifice! Bring all of them to see the dancing of this great king of dancers!"

120 My dear friend Kundalata, as Lord Krsna, the moon of Vraja, heard Lalita's angry words, He fixed His thoughts on the beautiful gopi Radha, He gently smiled and, glancing for a moment at Radha, spoke the following words:

121 "O crooked Radha, You continually ignore My toll. I do not think that I am an insignificant blade of grass to be rudely trampled by You. What is the use of trying to collect the toll from You in a polite and civilised way? Just see, I will now defeat the heroic Lalita and by force I will plunder the jewel of newly blossoming youthfulness decorating Your breasts."

122 My dear friend Kundalata, amorous Mukunda then tried to touch the gopis. Blinded with love for Him, the gopis stared at Him with smiling lotus faces and dancing eyes, and then, as if afraid of cruel Krsna, fled in all directions.

123 Radha then said: "Millions of people in this kingdom pass this place carrying milk-products. Why do you bother us with this toll? If You are actually the master of the hills and forests of Vraja, why do You not collect toll from them?"

124 When Lord Krsna, the monarch of all who are expert at relishing transcendental mellows, heard Srimati Radharani's words, He slightly raised His eyebrows, and His eyes begun to dance, and His thoughts became filled with transcendental bliss. He laughed out loud, and said to Her:

125-6 "My dear girls intoxicated by drinking the honey of transcendental bliss, please hear Me. With boundless happiness I collect from the other travellers on this royal road. Every day You surreptitiously travel on this road, unobserved by Me, and thus I have not been able to collect any tolls from you. When emperor Kamadeva heard of this from one of his servants, he called Me into his presence, and angrily rebuked Me. He ordered Me: 'Quickly go with Your companions, and arrest these girls who refuse to pay my toll. Bind them with ropes, punish them, and bring them before me at once!'"

127 Although the gopis felt very happy to hear Krsna's playful words, they pretended to have become very unhappy. Carrying their pots, they fled from Krsna, running unto the slope of Govardhana Hill."

128 With happy ears Kundalata drank the nectar of the narration of these sweet pastimes. Her bodily hairs standing up, and her voice choked in ecstasy, she spoke the following words.

129 Kundalata said: "Although I continually drink the nectar of the divine couple's peerless pastimes, I never become satiated, and my appetite never becomes jaded. O beautiful friend, please continue your narration." When Sumukhi heard this, she said:

130 "When Nandimukhi heard of these toll-pastimes, which are so dear to the divine couple, she yearned to personally see them. Unobserved by anyone, she arrived at that place and entered a little cottage in the nearby secluded grove. In that grove she became filled with wonder as she saw the wonderful pastimes of Lord Krsna and the gopis.

131 When the gopis saw her they all became jubilant. They asked about her welfare and embraced her to their heart's content. Krsna smiled and proclaimed her arrival glorious and auspicious. He recounted for her the toll-pastimes He had just then enjoyed.

132 Nandimukhi smiled as she glanced at Sri Radha who was overwhelmed with the happiness of nectarean transcendental mellows. With great delight Nandimukhi then said to supreme blissful Mukunda:

133 "My dear toll-collector, now that I have heard Your narration of these supremely wonderful toll pastimes, I am filled with wonder. Now I can appreciate the words: 'Having see this, what more wonderful thing remains to be see?'

134 "My dear hero, these girls You have arrested are all very pious and saintly. Please do no tease them any more in this way, for that will ruin their good reputation in the town of Gokula.

135 "Why enjoy more joking pastimes with these girls? Set them free. Free them so they may immediately go to the sacrificial ceremony."

136-7 Sri Krsna replied: "Although you, rascal gopis, allow Me to see Sri Radha's charming, glorious moonlike face, you insist on carefully concealing the breasts and navel below it. In a solitary place She must immediately show them to Me. If She refuses, when King Kamadeva hears of it he will become very angry, and he will punish Us very severely.

138-9 "My dear intelligent Lalita, why do you ask Me to not collect this part of the toll? Do you not know that the scribe Madhumangala is actually King Kamadeva's spy, and the supremely intelligent Ujjvala, who is witnessing all of this, is a great favourite in Kamadeva's court? If I do not collect this part of the toll, they will return to King Kamadeva, and on some pretext they will certainly inform him of My failure to collect this toll. King Kamadeva will certainly react very harshly. He will arrest Us all, bind Us with ropes, and cast Us into a densely dark deep prison cave."

140 As Krsna, the enemy of Kamsa, spoke these words in Nandimukhi's presence, Radha pretended to burn with anger. She spoke the following words to Lord Madhava:

141 "My dear Krsna, You are the killer of the demons, the younger brother of pure-hearted Balarama, and the famous son of Gopendra Nanda, who is like a kind sun that makes the lotus flowers of his subjects to blossom with prosperity. I think that because the goddess of toll-places has served You for many births she has earned the right to be the deity of the place where You speak these crooked words."

142 Tungavidya then spoke the following deceptive words to Lord Krsna: "My friend is too embarrassed to speak further, I will speak on her behalf. Please hear my words.

143 "My dear fickle-minded, poison-fanged, libidinous snake, quickly flee from this place and hide in Your cave before Abhimanyu, proud of his prowess in killing snakes, arrives at this place."

144 Lord Krsna replied in the following words: "This girl Radha is beautiful as a lotus flower. Her breasts are like two lovely round fruits, Her hands and feet are like four red lotus flowers, Her lips are like two bandhuka flowers, and Her form is decorated with twenty-three and a half moons. This lotus flower girl may blossom with happiness only while the dark moon of her paramour Syamasundara shines, but when She sees the glaring sun of her husband rising on the horizon she will wilt with disappointment."
    Note: The twenty three and a half moons are calculated in the following way: Her face is one moon, Her cheeks are two moons, Her forehead is a half moon, and Her fingernails and toenails are twenty moons. Certain varieties of lotus flowers blossom at night, and then close up with the appearance of day. Radha is here compared to such a lotus flower.

145 These joking words were like fragrant honey from the lotus flower of Lord Hari's mouth. This honey greatly pleased all the gopis, and although Sri Radha loudly protested, She also drank this honey with great pleasure. Radha then spoke the following words, which were, in truth, very far from Her actual desire.

146 "My dear little boy, please become sober. Do not be so wild and foolish. Do not forget that cruel King Kamsa reigns in the nearby town, and he will certainly punish You if You harass us. Because You are the son of Vraja's king I wish all good fortune for You, and therefore I will give You this good advice: Leave us in peace, and immediately go into the forest to take care of the surabhi cows."

147 Madhumangala then said: "My friend Krsna is supremely independent. He is not different from the great King Kamadeva. With playful ease He killed Kesi and many others in the land of Vraja who were more dear to Kamsa than his own life. Why should my friend Krsna fear Your Kamsa?

148 "My friend Krsna is the great transcendental Kamadeva and the little Kamadeva of this world is simply His vassal. This Kamsa of whom You speak is completely under the dominion of the little Kamadeva. If You do not peacefully pay this toll, I will write a letter of complaint to King Kamsa. He will give me an army, and I will arrest all your husbands, bind them with ropes, and imprison them."

149 That assembly was like a great pond and the beautiful gopis, experts at relishing transcendental mellows were like bumblebees in that pond. These gopi bumblebees drank the flood of sweet nectar-words trickling from the lotus flower of Madhumangala's splendid happy mouth. They became intoxicated with transcendental bliss, and laughed with graceful charm.

150 When Krsna heard these words He pretended to be filled with anger. He then said to beautiful Radha: "If this toll is not paid to Me, I will take all these gopis to the great King Kamadeva as his prisoners."

151 At that point Campakalata said: "My dear friend Radha, who is this great King Kamadeva? I have never heard of any such person anywhere in this world. I think this Kamadeva is simply the figment of Krsna's imagination. He cleverly glorifies the name, prowess, and greatness of this Kamadeva only to make fun of us and laugh."

152 My dear moon-faced Kundalata, when Lord Krsna, the supreme Kamadeva, the moon of Gokula, heard Campakalata's words, He glanced at moon-faced Radha and spoke the following playful words in that assembly of gopis:

153 "That great King Kamadeva eternally reigns in his kingdom on this pleasant Govardhana, the best of hills. He personally told Me that if you gopis become too proud I should bring you to him to become his slaves."

154 In this way Radha, stopped in Her attempt to visit the sacrificial arena, as sprinkled with the sweet nectar of feigned anger at Lord Krsna. She pierced Lord Krsna with the sharp arrows of her dancing crooked eyes and spoke to Him the following honeyed words:

155 "My dear hero, by drinking the madhvika honey of the lotus flower of this gopi's face You have certainly attained the topmost pinnacle of spiritual purity. The beautiful-eyed young girl speaking to You has, after completing all Her household duties, come to this solitary place specifically to be with You."
    Note: Srimati Radharani's intention is ironical. She has not completed her household duties, and Her association with Krsna is not voluntary, but forced by Him.

156 Seeing the very sweet nectar quarrel of the divine couple, who are the original teachers of the arts of playful jokes, Nandimukhi wished to pacify the two adversaries. With this end in view she humbly spoke the following words to Lord Hari:

157 "O king of the toll-collectors, please follow the path of piety and give up disturbing these girls who carry on their heads pitchers filled with milk-products for the auspicious sacrifice. O moon of Nanda Maharaja's dynasty, do this, and You will become glorious and famous.

158-60 "At the base of Govardhana, the best of hills, is a glorious forest where the divine couple enjoy pastimes. In that forest are many pleasant trees, fragrant flowers, and melodious birds, and there is a lake of very clear fresh water. In some places maddened bumblebees hum melodiously in their honey-filled hives surrounded by aromatic flowers. In some places cuckoos sometimes warble sweetly, intoxicated by drinking the nectar in the forest of mango blossoms. In some places peacocks sometimes dance with happy enthusiasm, and in other places the peacocks sometimes mew with joy. In some other places parrots sometimes chatter loquaciously as they eat many splendid, palatable, sweet mangoes.

161 "Tomorrow these girls will meet Your Lordship at this same place in this grove by this lake. At that time they will pay this toll in full. For the time being I will become their bail.

162 "Because the gopis promise to return [nirvartana] to this lake on Govardhana Hill in order to pay the toll [dana], this place will be known as Dana-nirvartana."

163 After hearing these words, Krsna set the gopis free. Gentle laughter decorated the gopis' beautiful smiling faces, and they considered that all their desires were fulfilled. Gazing at Lord Krsna from the corners of their eyes, the happily left for the sacrificial arena.

164 The two female bees of Radha's eyes remained with the two intoxicated male bees of Krsna's eyes. Radha gracefully turned Her neck and gazed at Krsna from the corner of Her eyes, and Her entire body became tossed about by the waves of the ocean of amorous love. Smiling, She then left that place along with all Her gopi-friends.

165 At that time the bumblebee of Lord Mukunda attained transcendental pleasure by drinking the sweet honey of the gopis' faces. This bee drank through the mouth that was the corner of Lord Mukunda's eyes.

166 As Krsna herded the surabhi cows He seemed like a handsome crown decorating the summit of Govardhana Hill. He recounted the nectarean toll-collecting joking conversation, and both He and His cowherd friends became filled with happiness.

167 As Srimati Radharani entered the sacrificial arena, Her bodily lustre illuminated the ten directions with a golden hue, Her dancing sidelong glances darkened the ten directions with a beautiful glistening blue colour, Her gentle smile whitened the ten directions, and the nectar of Her conversation filled the ten directions with sweetness.

168 The gopis then offered respectful obeisances to the sages, gave the glistening milk-products to them, and received from them many beautiful ornaments and other valuables. After this, they went to Radha-kunda, happily talking about their toll-pastimes with Krsna.

169 The gopis glistened with their own transcendental beauty and good-fortune, and also with the various ornaments they received from the best of sages.

170 Radha, the learned scholar of transcendental amorous love, became sprinkled with the nectar of pure love for Krsna. Agitated with love, and manifesting various ecstatic symptoms She loudly glorified Her beloved Krsna in the company of Her intimate friends.

171 Sri Sri Radha and Krsna are the crest jewel of all young lovers in all the three worlds. They enjoy eternally fresh and new transcendental pastimes. By Their magical power They have rejuvenated Kamadeva, who had been burned to ashes. Even the demigod Brahma cannot properly describe Their glories."

172 As she heard the nectarean description of these pastimes, Kundalata became drowned in the ocean of transcendental bliss. She and her friend Sumukhi at once left that place, eager to see Sri Sri Radha and Krsna, the jewel of all lovers.

173 Sri Sri Radha and Krsna are like two blue and golden jewels in the nectar ocean of the dana-keli pastime, and They delight the hearts of Radha's playful gopi friends. Although I am greedy for material things and although I am spiritual blind, I nevertheless yearn someday to see Them face to face.

174 A blind person found this cintamani jewel of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava's dana-keli pastimes at the base of Govardhana Hill. That blind man prays that the dear followers of Srila Rupa Gosvami become pleased by gazing at this jewel.

175 Taking a blade of grass between my teeth, I repeatedly beg that birth after birth I may obtain the dust of Srila Rupa Gosvami's lotus feet. F*.FRMA*.FRMР" *.MAC"]d*.MACkoё*.FRMdana-keli pastimes at the base o

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